Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Rise and Fall of Ruddy.

Yes, unfortunately, KRudd's approval rating is going down.  A combination of negative perceptions about climate change, school funding, home insulation, the debt and ... I think i will stop there. But why?  Were expecting too much from his first term?

Well, maybe yes and no.  Many of the problems the electorate are blaming him for aren't really his fault.  The buck does stop with him, but are you going to blame him for not taking the bins out on time?

There is so much good that has come out of the last few years, espcially in the last 12 month.
  • We cant just blame him for the failure of Copenhagen - how many other people where there? He wanted to set up an ETS, invest in sustainable energy, install insulation into all homes ... but it was beaten down by the opposition, rogue agents started to exploit the system.  It was too harsh for the Opposition, too weak for the Greens.
  • We can blame him for the debt, but isn't it better that the country go into a little debt than for you to loose your job, your car and your home?  The world is still in turmoil, Greece is causing major problems in the rest of the EU.  Why wouldnt you be happy to live in a country where so many others would happily trade places?
  • Mild tax reform, yes he may be a bit weak in not adopting all of Dr Henry's proposals but at least we are finally investing back into land care and supporting communites that are affected by the mining industry.
  • Paid Maternity leave will come to fruition
  • More money going towards education
  • Hospital take over (or at least being the dominant funder)
  • More money is going into Education
There really is a lot of good going on.  Maybe its the PR and media that are letting him down.

My App. Idea,

Even though I am anti-Apple and anything "i", I get a surprising amount of app. ideas.

Was a bit bummed a few weeks ago when i realised that someone already developed my latest idea ... so i will share it here since its already released.

It's a app. that you put on so you don't drunk dial/text someone. We've all made the horror calls and left cringe worthy messages. My app. (in theory) would let you save some of these phone numbers in the app and wont let you dial unless you pass a drunk test or in an ideal world, after your BAC is taken.