Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today Vs Tomorrow

I'm not going to go into detail about how I feel about what has been happing in my 2nd home, Mumbai but ... I have comments about the assailants. Whilst studying at university I was part of an organisation called AIESEC, a global organisation, in over 90 countries. Through AIESEC we meet people, learn about and develop skills in the hope to create a better understanding of the world, its cultures and people.

We live in hope that the youth of tomorrow will be the salvation of all this sort of thing. From seeing the faces of the assailants and reading the reports, I was so shocked to find out they were my age and younger!!

As a young person, as one of the privileged in this world, I feel lucky to be living where I do. It hurts knowing that places close to my heart are damaged, bombed and ruined, it hurts even more to know the age of them. Is this continuation of destruction, lack of compassion and lack of diplomacy to be the world in which I grow old in??

Little bit of Saturday retaliation

I highly commend the person responsible for recommending what to watch on TV in the SMH's Saturday Spectrum section. You make me feel just that little bit better as someone unlawfully labeled a citizen of the 'Bible Belt'.

Week after week 6:30am's on Sunday, Hillsong is dubbed a 'Real Stinker' to watch. I don't like to comment about religion, to each his own but they do tend to push their view on others and I don't agree with that. My retaliation? I rejoice in seeing this every week and always end reading Spectrum with a smile.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Finger Pointing Pollies

I was watching the National Press Club Address today, profiling Malcolm Turnbull (current Federal Opposition Leader). What a finger pointer! I kept yelling shut up to the tv. I have also recently read many articles about him in the SMH, all finger pointing and claiming that we need bi-partisan partnerships over issues such as the Economy.

This effective way of being in politics is not doing him any good. Current opinion polls show clearly that Kevin Rudd's rating is growing and Malcolm's is declining.

Malcolm, when you first came onto the scene as the new Opposition Leader, I though wow, things will be interesting, new ideas and new plans and an opposition that will keep our government really accountable. Now its nothing but a daily, one-sided shit flinging event! Malcolm, bring something new to the table, do something constructive or say something that will make people want to vote for you.

Don't complain that you get snubbed by the PM or his wife, don't complain that the PM doesn't want to sit down with you and nut out some plans ... clearly the Labor Govt is getting things right, think of something better! Make politics interesting.

I think the same goes for the NSW State Opposition - but inlike the Federal Liberal party, they say and nothing. Speak up, we want to vote next time to know what you can bring to the table, your silence is making us think that the NSW Labor Govt is screwing things up but they are the only ones playing the game ... GET BACK IN THERE and tell us how you think you will make NSW a better state and reclaim the title of the Premier State!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Everyday Athletes

I love seeing all those fit and wanna be fit people taking to the asphalts and parks around Sydney's CBD at lunchtimes. It's so motivating, I feel more positive and happy watching them pass me by. I want to Hi-5 them as our paths meet while doing the awkward side-step.

I get the same feeling while watching the boot camp leader yelling to their groups to 'give me 50 uppercuts and then run (like an exhausted monkey)'. I just wanted to dump whatever is in my hands and join in. I love my boxing classes and any excuse to punch something ...

Lunchtime team sports are also gaining popularity. All decked out in corporate sweatshirts and jerseys. I saw some volleyball and football games going on today. Geez, it's times like these I wish I was working in the city!

It's such a nice atmosphere and gives Sydney a more relaxed feeling. I just hope people shower after their bout of physical exertion or else it's no more clients for you and your colleagues will keep a 5m distance from you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Repect for Job Seekers

I am currently unemployed but looking for a job. I'm proud of it because it means that I went out and lived a bit before "settling down". My sister is also on the hunt being in her last semester of uni. We are each others motivators and we read over each others applications etc. Applying for jobs gives you thick skin because of the rejections but ... I have beef!

If you put in an application and pour your blood, sweat and tears into an application and are not emailed back, its just very unpolite. However, if you go for an interview and DON'T hear back from them then, then thats just plain rude!! People should boycott from working there. Clearly they have issues in treating people well!! Treating your employees or potential employees is important if you want your brand to be well respected and trusted.

I have now heard of 2 very big companies in Sydney that have not followed this. Granted, in one of the cases the guy rang up, harassed them and they they said, ok you got the job. However, you will always be stepping on eggshells not knowing what will happen if they don't care about their people. It's their employees is what makes their business successful.

The distress and not knowing drives people crazy. Wake up HR people! How would you like to be kept waiting for something and not know the result? DNA results take a few days and those people waiting the results toss and turn and go crazy. Hearing if you are successful or not is the DNA test all job seekers have to go through and I'm not talking about if you are applying for some insignificant after school job! These are jobs for graduates and higher.

I have had one fantastic experience though. I sent in my resume at 5pm one afternoon and within 20min someone rang me and booked me in for an interview. If only all HR teams acted so efficiently. You know what kind of candidates you want, you know the essential and desired criteria. You know how they interviewed and if you need more information PHONE THEM! Its not that hard!

What's on TV?

Well generally the answer to that is nothing. I'm fully aware it's not a big ratings season right now but the free to air tv channels need to pluck up courage and realise more Aussie families will be staying at home and watching tv these days instead of going out and spending their hard earned money.

Our free to air tv is filled with cop dramas and spin offs of spin offs. (why are there 3 versions of Law & Order and CSI?) Aussie productions are now all cop and crime themes except for Packed to the Rafters. Then there is all the crap that we are getting because of out FTA (free trade agreement) with the US. I don't want to watch Next Top Model, Survivor for the zillionth season or 1.5hour blocks of Two and a 1/2 Men. What are channels 7,9 and 10 putting out there for the people with a brain?

In response to this, I feel myself watching more SBS and ABC1 these days. I feel more worldly, I have a greater understanding of our national and state political situation, world politics and the whole economic problems we are currently facing.

I was listening to the speech given by Ray Martin on the occasion of the Annual Andrew Olle Media Lecture. He was speaking about this very fact. Where have all our journo's gone? Is 60minutes enough? All our good journalists all started off in the ABC, where are they now? Are we a country becoming ignorant and following what fashion dictates and what diets to follow? I sincerely hope not.

Australia truly is a great country. We have our own unique humour and way of doing things. Unfortunately, most of our talent is hidden within the ABC and SBS. The moment the smell of money comes their way people turn inside out and compromise quality.

BS in the media and on the net and in magazines and in advertising and in ...

Some people think we are stupid! We are generally predisposed to read everything and thus we believe everything! Well, there are some things I now know NOT to believe, but as a sucker for marketing and advertising, I think I will fall for it again and again.

BS #1.

There were recently some ads for the SBS series the “First Australians”. Great ads, really made me feel ashamed that this country I live in treated people like that. It was said that this Aboriginal man “Joseph Edwards” (which, duh, wasn’t his real name) was entitled to go to work if he stopped speaking his native language and following traditions. Very effective for me personally and at the same time, BS. I’m not saying this happened, but this particular document was fictitious and proven by the ABC’s Media Watch. The National Archives Office claimed that they have not seen such a document and there is a weaker version issued by the state of New South Wales.

This is a breech of my naivety!

The BS coming from stories within the pages of New Idea and Woman’s Day startles me. How can they legitimately get away with this? Its not grounds for defamation but the lies they fabricate and the playing with peoples emotions should be illegal.

Recently coming to my attention are the stories about Kate Ritchie (from Home & Away fame), blowing a simple photograph out of proportion or her “new and slim” look. How does she do it? Well she said on Nova Breakfast radio one morning, that the ‘journo’ never even spoke to her, the interview was bogus. I admit I am gullible and am now made to feel like a fool!