Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Repect for Job Seekers

I am currently unemployed but looking for a job. I'm proud of it because it means that I went out and lived a bit before "settling down". My sister is also on the hunt being in her last semester of uni. We are each others motivators and we read over each others applications etc. Applying for jobs gives you thick skin because of the rejections but ... I have beef!

If you put in an application and pour your blood, sweat and tears into an application and are not emailed back, its just very unpolite. However, if you go for an interview and DON'T hear back from them then, then thats just plain rude!! People should boycott from working there. Clearly they have issues in treating people well!! Treating your employees or potential employees is important if you want your brand to be well respected and trusted.

I have now heard of 2 very big companies in Sydney that have not followed this. Granted, in one of the cases the guy rang up, harassed them and they they said, ok you got the job. However, you will always be stepping on eggshells not knowing what will happen if they don't care about their people. It's their employees is what makes their business successful.

The distress and not knowing drives people crazy. Wake up HR people! How would you like to be kept waiting for something and not know the result? DNA results take a few days and those people waiting the results toss and turn and go crazy. Hearing if you are successful or not is the DNA test all job seekers have to go through and I'm not talking about if you are applying for some insignificant after school job! These are jobs for graduates and higher.

I have had one fantastic experience though. I sent in my resume at 5pm one afternoon and within 20min someone rang me and booked me in for an interview. If only all HR teams acted so efficiently. You know what kind of candidates you want, you know the essential and desired criteria. You know how they interviewed and if you need more information PHONE THEM! Its not that hard!

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