Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's on TV?

Well generally the answer to that is nothing. I'm fully aware it's not a big ratings season right now but the free to air tv channels need to pluck up courage and realise more Aussie families will be staying at home and watching tv these days instead of going out and spending their hard earned money.

Our free to air tv is filled with cop dramas and spin offs of spin offs. (why are there 3 versions of Law & Order and CSI?) Aussie productions are now all cop and crime themes except for Packed to the Rafters. Then there is all the crap that we are getting because of out FTA (free trade agreement) with the US. I don't want to watch Next Top Model, Survivor for the zillionth season or 1.5hour blocks of Two and a 1/2 Men. What are channels 7,9 and 10 putting out there for the people with a brain?

In response to this, I feel myself watching more SBS and ABC1 these days. I feel more worldly, I have a greater understanding of our national and state political situation, world politics and the whole economic problems we are currently facing.

I was listening to the speech given by Ray Martin on the occasion of the Annual Andrew Olle Media Lecture. He was speaking about this very fact. Where have all our journo's gone? Is 60minutes enough? All our good journalists all started off in the ABC, where are they now? Are we a country becoming ignorant and following what fashion dictates and what diets to follow? I sincerely hope not.

Australia truly is a great country. We have our own unique humour and way of doing things. Unfortunately, most of our talent is hidden within the ABC and SBS. The moment the smell of money comes their way people turn inside out and compromise quality.

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