Monday, November 24, 2008

Finger Pointing Pollies

I was watching the National Press Club Address today, profiling Malcolm Turnbull (current Federal Opposition Leader). What a finger pointer! I kept yelling shut up to the tv. I have also recently read many articles about him in the SMH, all finger pointing and claiming that we need bi-partisan partnerships over issues such as the Economy.

This effective way of being in politics is not doing him any good. Current opinion polls show clearly that Kevin Rudd's rating is growing and Malcolm's is declining.

Malcolm, when you first came onto the scene as the new Opposition Leader, I though wow, things will be interesting, new ideas and new plans and an opposition that will keep our government really accountable. Now its nothing but a daily, one-sided shit flinging event! Malcolm, bring something new to the table, do something constructive or say something that will make people want to vote for you.

Don't complain that you get snubbed by the PM or his wife, don't complain that the PM doesn't want to sit down with you and nut out some plans ... clearly the Labor Govt is getting things right, think of something better! Make politics interesting.

I think the same goes for the NSW State Opposition - but inlike the Federal Liberal party, they say and nothing. Speak up, we want to vote next time to know what you can bring to the table, your silence is making us think that the NSW Labor Govt is screwing things up but they are the only ones playing the game ... GET BACK IN THERE and tell us how you think you will make NSW a better state and reclaim the title of the Premier State!

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