Monday, June 22, 2009

... My Best Friend is Dying.

I don't want to be overly dramatic but it it's quite a traumatic time for me. My best friend is dying, my good little jeans.

I love them so much! I have so many memories attached to them and I wish they would last forever. I should have been more selective when wearing them as they are now freying from over use. Ha! Listen to me. I bet you I will wear them again, I just hope no one else notices the state they are in.

Ahhh the memories!! I rememeber that I bought these jeans on a beautiful sunny day in Krakow, Poland. I call them my Krakow jeans. At first they were a squeeze but with time I knew they would give a little and fit me perfectly.

My Krakow jeans have given me the best fit of jeans I have ever worn! Better than the Sass & Bide, Levis, Jag's and other pocket emptying brands. If I ever want to feel better about myself, I wear these jeans. By doing them up means I havent gained any weight and I can feel at ease.

If ever I am in doubt, I wear these jeans. Daytime or night. They can be dressed up and down, worn to the movies or out for dancing.

It's surprising how one piece of clothing can mean so much to you and how it can influence your mood and behaviour. In the scheme of things, what really is a pair of jeans but beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder.

Friday, June 12, 2009

... No to the Bandwagon!

Yes, it is a bandwagon and I'm not boarding. My sister just bought another APPLE product. She started off with an I-pod, it gave her endless troubles and then got it replaced. She's on her second Mac, the first one was stolen and just bought an i-Touch (I wonder if it will also be one of two?)

Now I am a sucker for advertising and buying things however I am not compelled at all to buy anything APPLE or "i" related. It's just not me. They are too trendy, too 'look at me', too everywhere and too mainstream. I am not mainstream and I am not someone who blindly accepts what society dictates.

If there is too much hype about something, I generally start to block it out, I don't want it and if I can help it, I don't want to be a part of it. I choose NO to being a victim of mass hysteria or publicity and don't want to be a number. That said, I am on Facebook, I have worked in a multi-national and unfortunately, CBA only recognises me as a client and account number.

From self psychoanalysis, I guess my rebellion against the bandwagon came down to my childhood and not fitting in at school. I didn't have light brown/blonde hair, I never had the right sports shoes and my name is funny sounding (yes, Barack and I have something in common!) I don't always suit what is fashionable and I can't afford to buy the latest phone every two months, but you know what? I (slowly) know who I am and what I want. I like being different and knowing what I do and do not like. I cherish my one-off pieces of jewellery, my slight ethnic style and love having a name that not everyone else has.

I have not read nor watched the Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons. Never been to Bali, its not on my "must see" places. I have a blog but I don't publicise it too much. I didn't watch Sex In the City/Underbelly when everyone else watched and I didn't apply for a grad position after finishing uni. I'm taking the road less taken and that is making all the difference! (with apologies to R.Frost "the Road not Taken").