Friday, July 15, 2011

Carbon Tax ... Friend or Foe?

The likelihood of passing Labor's Carbon Tax legislation (with the support of the Greens & the In dependants) is so high, even I would head down to the TAB and put money on it!

It's a formality away from happening, it will happen & people ... it's a GOOD THING.

Now I don't believe in all the science, I believe that the earth does what it has to, to reach its own equilibrium. However, what I do believe is that one day coal will run out (It takes millions of years to make coal from petrified wood.) & if we don't invest in alternatives now, our grandchildren will be in for a shock!

So why is it a good thing?

Our electricity bills are already high!
That's because we know coal is scarce.  As a scarce resource, it will cost more & more due to our world population is growing.  How can this be a surprise to anyone?

The demand for more is increasing & that the energy sector knew a tax or ETS would be on its way.

If our energy providers can access energy from more sustainable sources, it can only mean our bills will stay the same or even go down. (in the long run).

We're biting off more than we can chew.
20 years ago, did we have TVs in every room? Did we have electronic devices foe EVERYTHING? We don't even read or catch a bus without our electronic devices. Kids these days don't ride their bikes, they play with iPads, Xboxes & Nintendo DSs.
I'm just guessing, but the rate at which Australia has grown is nothing compared to the rate demand for electricity has grown.

Despite the spin, despite what both Julia & Tony tells us, despite what the shock jocks say & despite what was alluded to on Q&A, acting sustainably is in the nations interest and in YOUR interest.

There is uncertainty about everything ... except death & taxes.
Embrace the new certainty provided by our Government!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ladies in Heels

I have a philosophy about ladies shoes.
If I can walk in them normally, I can wear them.
I objectively try on shoes & go through the checklist of walkability, stylishness, confidence etc.  I know what brands are good for work, I know which of my shoes are good for weekends, I know which shoes to only wear if I'm being driven & walking is minimal.

I don't wear sneakers to work, I wear dark canvas Dunlops or comfy ballet shoes.When I'm out for the night for a few drinks, I wear heels but I make sure I know where we are going so the shoes suit the location.  I try to ensure that they are comfy or I catch cabs.
I don't stomp, shuffle or walk like a new born horse. 
It's not sexy & you loose the allure of confidence. 
It's amazing how many women will wear a KILLER pair of heels or boots.

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