Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Learnings from the Census Form 2011

So it is Census night.

Are you:
a) Holding onto your pen or pencil
b) Completing it online?
c) Oh shizer. That's today?

I have just filled it out for our household.
This is what I learnt.

1. If you are employed ... you have to answer so many more questions.
Agghhhh! I'm already tired from work. Shouldn't some of the info from the ATO trasnfer over? You're all the one government right?
2. If you are retired, there is no radio box to indicate this fact.
Considering the babyboomers are in that area ... you would think that retirement would be an option. Maybe it's assumed, but should the ABS assume?
3. Indian is now pre-listed on the What's your background question.
4. The Salvation Army is regarded as part of Religion.

Filling out the form online really was SO much easier than filling out the form.
One had on the tab button and one hand on the keyboard. Yep, it's the way I roll.