Thursday, August 26, 2010

Times are Changing

We’re living in very interesting times.
It’s reassuring to know that the fate of our country does not always rest with the so called leaders of the parties.

Our election took place on Saturday with neither party being elected in the majority. A minority government needs to be formed with the possible collaboration of the 3 (or 4) independents and a Greens member.

After the piss poor and oh-so disheartening election campaign, these independents essentially want to run things with a bit more tact, diplomacy and respect for others in parliament.

They want to actually meet with Ken Henry and adopt more from his tax review. The want to improve question time procedures, instill changes to the way donations are made to the parties and have protocols in government advertising. You would think that these should already be a given.

A couple of years ago I was listening to a speech delivered by Edward De Bono. He spoke of decision making processes and how they should involve a model. Progress through the models steps, gather all relevant information and data, working out all the pros and cons and coming up with a meaningful policy. Our government and opposition are forever finger pointing and hardly ever working together. The last time there was a whiff of bipartisanship it cost Malcolm Turnbull the leadership of the Liberal party (in regards to the ETS).

I’m all for whatever changes these country boys put forward … it can’t get any worse.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Better the Devil you Know

I dont know what to do. We need to vote in about 3 weeks and I have NO idea who to vote for.

I used to think that the idea of a swing voter was a vote wasted. I thought that those who classified themselves as a swinging voter were not following politics and that their vote is based on purely who will deliver them more money in their pocket. Well ... now I am a swinging voter, even less swinging more undecided voter.

The last election was our Obama election (better than Obama, it was Rudd). I loved Rudd and all he stood for. But now Rudd is gone (and i have to move on). So ... I must vote in an election where I dont want either to be the next PM. Now I know that my vote doesnt go towards either of them, I vote in the MP for our area (again, crazy for me to vote because we live in one of the safest liberal seats, what is the point in voting.)

This election is now a battle for the least boring, the one who will spend the least, bring us back from our debt the quickest and will curb our immigration (through refugees and normal immigration). Snore!
What happened to the change in the way we have politics run? I thought the election of Rudd was the turning point.  I want to vote for vision, leadership, drive and dertermination. Shouldn't we expect more from our leadership?

We need a bigger population. Its the government that needs to work out how to ensure water and resources are obtained sustainably. We need immigration, we need more done for the environment, we need someone we can be proud of on an international level.  We need someone who will really take us forward with human rights and access to world class education and health.

This game would be very different if it was Rudd Vs Turnbull or at least if one of them were standing for head of their party and as PM.  There will be no rejoicing in our household, its voting better the devil you know style.
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