Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kiss or Tell?

Yesterday was a very historical day. Our Carbon Tax passed. It's important news.It's a major win for the Labor party, Tree Huggers & Gen Y.

 But was this the biggest news of the day?  No. Of course not.

Fact and celebration were trumped by hypothesising, guess work and assumption.

The biggest news story and plastered all over today's newspapers were not the fact that we
have a Carbon Tax.

No, the biggest news story was the fact that Kevin Rudd walked up to Julia Gillard to congratulate/share in the triumph of passing legislation that has been years in the making.
Is it the "Kiss of Death"?? or "Kiss of Deceit".

Julia Gillard's double victory - passing her carbon tax legislation and a kiss from Kevin Rudd - The Australian 

Global warming to political warming: Rudd's 'Judas kiss' - The Newcastle Herald.

It's such a shame. We're pioneers, one of the first countries to do this. We're taking a punt & giving it a go but all the gloss has gone. The celebration and limelight of what should be a defining time for us is overshadowed by two colleagues getting along. 

Yes, note worthy because it is Gillard & Rudd, however, it should not be front page news. Shame to all mentioned above. 

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The Australian, 13/10/2011

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Monday, October 10, 2011


Nokia had it right. Connecting people.
What makes me happiest are the connections I form with people. Meaningful connections, fleeting connections, a connection over a laugh.

It's the connections I make with people are what makes me get out of bed in the morning. It's why I enjoy going to work, it's why I sometimes take a sneaky long lunch.

It's fusing bonds with people - understanding them better. By understanding people better, you get to understand yourself better.

Getting drunk & disorderly, being Face book friends, going to so&so's party cos xyz is there doesn't cut it.

I had a long chat with someone from work today. The deeper connection I made with them today made up for all the little annoyances during the day to make it a good day. 
Our differences were not exposed, only the similarities were highlighted.

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