Friday, April 10, 2015


Turns out that 8 out of 10 people accept whatever super fund their employer recommends.  Now, I’m no financial planner but that sounds crazy!

From my experience, the funds my employers in the past have recommended have been attached to the big banks or are retail funds (which generally have a reputation for charging high fees). 

You don’t rely on your employer to tell you what car or house to buy? So why would you rely on them to tell you where to keep your superannuation – a reserve of your funds that should one day amount to over $400,00!

When you change jobs do you:
  •    Accept the new super fund?
  •    Roll over money from old super funds?
  •      Provide details for your super fund when you start a new job?
Your Superannuation nest-egg will be (for most) the biggest investment in your life! Why would you not be engaged with where and who your money is with?

Disclaimer: I am no financial planner, this is not financial advice.  I am purely bringing to your attention questions you need to ask of yourself.