Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Fave Brands

I love my brands. True marketing aficionado.  Here are my top 5 fave brands and why  & in no particular order.


1.      Nivea – the customer engagement (online and offline), the freebies, the good products and range. Just wish their soap/body wash lines was better.


2.      Apple – not for the products, purely from a marketing angle. Different colours, the business model of bringing out something ‘must have’ every year/ two years, the in-store customer service & dedication, engagement with customers (tribalism).


3.      Aesop – Love the products but also they are seen as understated. They don't do a whole heap of marketing so you feel you use something exclusive and natural yet ... they are stocked in quite a few places so its easy to access it now. (they shouldn’t do too much more though cos then its everywhere). I like how they are GLOCAL.... they have product packs called Melbourne, Tokyo etc.
It’s an Aussie company with great sense of design and aesthetics.

4.      Ikea ... really LOVE their business model, the idea of design and buy in bulk and pass it on to average consumers. I like how they move away from the stereotypical “Ikea look” over the years. Now you can walk into a room and not see that immediately that everything is Ikea. I love it how they lure the customer in for a day long experience, you cant escape/ leave early, you cant really leave without buying something, its family friendly – something for the whole family, lots of unique/cheap food items.  No matter where in the world – it looks and feels the same. 

5.      YKK – good quality zips.  They are EVERYWHERE! (check your fly right now!)   What advertising they do create, it makes you feel that unless you use YKK in your zips, you're zip is not quality and good. Good push for the environment .They are understated again as a brand but great market penetration.  As a consumer of fashion, if my product has a YKK zip ... respect!

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