Friday, January 23, 2009


No it's not a number plate, I have seen the latest, soooo Sydney acronym.

Note to self, CNY09 = Chinese New Year 2009.

I love Chinese New Year, I love practicing what ever little Mando I know (saying 'Kung Hei Fat Choi', 'Sheshe' are the only 2 phrases I know), I look forward to the idea of Chinese New year, I want to buy all things red and even the envelopes (not that i practice the tradition or put money in it).

After reading the latest acronym, I felt that I had been living under a rock. How could I not know! I brought shame to my family.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poor Little Guy

I really feel for the little kids who get yelled at by their parents in public. Today while sipping coffee and reading a book, I saw this cute little asian guy getting a yelling from his dad who was waving around one of those textbooks asian parents use to help your kids do better at school. Poor little guy!

He was just sitting outside all alone, I'm sure feeling like a complete loser, not knowing how to square root something or cross multiply something else. I just wanted to go up to him and hug him. Reassure him and tell him, this too shall pass.

I too was one who shed tears over not knowing the answer to a question in one of those books. I hated those books! Hated it ... at the time. I felt bad not knowing the answer, I felt embarressed that I was yelled at, I felt shame that I was disappointing my parents especially when you know they were both dux in school, graduated with x class honours etc.

I wish all kids out there would know the benefit of all those hours spent working out problems, missing tv shows or computer games. It does make a difference and I am a better person for going through it. Basic mathematical problems became easier to work out and comprehension helped me train for the HSC. Trust me kids, suck it up. I know its hard but its so worth it!

Monday, January 12, 2009

DIY Calendars

I really wanted to make my own 2009 calendar this year.
So being organised person that I am, I decided to prepare for it early not wanting the year to suddenly spring up on me.

October came along and I sought out what photos to include, found coulourful VIBGYOR pieces of paper and found a 2009 calendar that I could 'excel' my my own version. I then checked and re-cheked my version to make sure the days and the dates line up with the months of the upcoming year.

It was 1 week past the New Year's Day and I then suddenly realised, the calendar!! I mounted it on the wall and basked in the glory of my home-madedness abilities.

Today, I wanted to write something on my calendar and shock-horror, what do I find? The dates for January are all askew! Shiz. At least Feb's dates all look good .... so far.
I guess all you can do is laugh!