Friday, July 31, 2009

... How Does he Do it?

I am in awe right now about the Sydney Morning Herald's International Editor, Peter Hartcher. He knows about anything and everything! Albeit, it is his job and as editor of such a section, you would expect him to be privy to such information, but I guess I am just in awe of what his job is and how knowledgeable and opinionated he is about all issues.

Here is a link to all his most recent published SMH articles -

What I like most about his articles is how it is unpretentious and it's easy to understand. I feel smarter and better informed from reading his opinion articles rather than just reading a plain news item. It also helps that from whatever opinions I do hold, they are in alignment with mine (never a bad thing if you want an ego boost!)

I am currently reading his book, To the Bitter End. It chronicles the fall of Howard and rise of Rudd's Government. From what he writes, I'm prety sure to say that we are both biased towards Rudd. I guess it is this reason why I started to follow what he writes. I never thought I would read a political book, but then again, I never really saw myself as an opinionated political follower. Eeeek! I'm turning into my dad!

Monday, July 27, 2009

... Am I really Gen X or Gen Y??

I'm perpetually confused by this boxing in classification system. It's good in theory to categorise the different generations, but there needs to be something more substantial to it. Baby Boomers have been known by this term for quite a long time now but the newer ones are becoming arbitrary and not universally known I.E. Gen Z, the Tech-y Gen and iGen. (I somehow don't think that the babies of today will be iGen because something newer will be out and iGen is more like Gen - everyone (unfortunately)).

As the sub-heading concludes on my blog, I am "a Sydney-sider caught between Gen. X and Y ". I identify with many aspects of both but depending on who is interpreting the definitions. Some say Gen Y were born from 1980 onwards, others say from 1985. Well, one version includes me and the other doesn't.

In magazines, newspapers and spam from friends, there are a lot of the "You know you are Gen. X/Y/Z if you ... ". There is even a popular TV quiz show called "Talkin' 'bout Your Generation". To me, its like any other quiz show, you either know it or you don't and I don't think that just because you don't know who is Bob Dylan or Englebert Humperdink is means that you are excused from not knowing.

Gen Y currently has a bad reputation for overspending and not willing to buckle down and work hard. Gen Y is categorised to want to do it NOW and will be less likely to show respect for hierarchy. I just hope recruiters and public servants can see that we are not all bad eggs and that we do have our own personalities and are not just out to jump from job-to-job, getting higher and higher salaries.

I am more than happy sticking with a company if they show loyalty and respect to me, its a good environment to work in and that people don't just shut down my ideas just because I'm not a manager or partner. Don't judge me based on my birth year and don't assume all of us are the same.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How can you not?

Coming out of the "end of financial year" people are yet again, encouraged to take more leave. Now this sounds absolutely crazy to me. Really crazy! Why would anyone not want to take their leave or holidays? I thought Aussies were known for their relaxed ways? I guess I'm wrong or tides have changed.

I pity the Americans so much because they are known to be limited to maximum 2 weeks. It's the prime reason why I would never work there. I really don't know how they cope especially if they have family living overseas.

I would give huge Brownie points if my employer gave me 5 weeks annual leave, plus the option of flex-time. I am a traveller and an adventurer. I cannot imagine anything worse than not thinking and looking forward to a holiday or an adventure!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I often wonder why Sydney-siders behave and act in ways to contribute to the anonymity of our city? We live in a great city, we have so much to offer, we're a diverse bunch and yet I find people just don't give a damn about other people outside of their own little world.

There are so many groups, clubs, blogs, online communities out there, you'd think this would promote a more community feel. It doesn't. With an increasing reliance on the web, people are becoming lazier to meet new people and to go out of their comfort zone.

I see people who have such a huge dependency on being connected, knowing the latest news, constantly listening to their MP3/iPod and always being online. These people forget that there is a person right next to them!

I will take ownership and say I am one of these people but I do try and not become a hiding anonymous. I wait for my bus without my music playing. As I get off the bus, my earphones are pulled off and I say thanks to the driver. If I am in the aisle seat, I try to ask the person next to me if they get off here (here being Wynyard) I order and wait for my coffee without any technology in my hand.

I don't like shopping as I'm talking or listening to music. I like to channel all my senses into shopping and its useful when you want the assistants to be attentive. When having dinner with someone and they are late/in the bathroom, its a sign of anxiety and nervousness to be fiddling with your phone. Just enjoy the moment and smile at someone!