Friday, July 10, 2009


I often wonder why Sydney-siders behave and act in ways to contribute to the anonymity of our city? We live in a great city, we have so much to offer, we're a diverse bunch and yet I find people just don't give a damn about other people outside of their own little world.

There are so many groups, clubs, blogs, online communities out there, you'd think this would promote a more community feel. It doesn't. With an increasing reliance on the web, people are becoming lazier to meet new people and to go out of their comfort zone.

I see people who have such a huge dependency on being connected, knowing the latest news, constantly listening to their MP3/iPod and always being online. These people forget that there is a person right next to them!

I will take ownership and say I am one of these people but I do try and not become a hiding anonymous. I wait for my bus without my music playing. As I get off the bus, my earphones are pulled off and I say thanks to the driver. If I am in the aisle seat, I try to ask the person next to me if they get off here (here being Wynyard) I order and wait for my coffee without any technology in my hand.

I don't like shopping as I'm talking or listening to music. I like to channel all my senses into shopping and its useful when you want the assistants to be attentive. When having dinner with someone and they are late/in the bathroom, its a sign of anxiety and nervousness to be fiddling with your phone. Just enjoy the moment and smile at someone!

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