Friday, July 31, 2009

... How Does he Do it?

I am in awe right now about the Sydney Morning Herald's International Editor, Peter Hartcher. He knows about anything and everything! Albeit, it is his job and as editor of such a section, you would expect him to be privy to such information, but I guess I am just in awe of what his job is and how knowledgeable and opinionated he is about all issues.

Here is a link to all his most recent published SMH articles -

What I like most about his articles is how it is unpretentious and it's easy to understand. I feel smarter and better informed from reading his opinion articles rather than just reading a plain news item. It also helps that from whatever opinions I do hold, they are in alignment with mine (never a bad thing if you want an ego boost!)

I am currently reading his book, To the Bitter End. It chronicles the fall of Howard and rise of Rudd's Government. From what he writes, I'm prety sure to say that we are both biased towards Rudd. I guess it is this reason why I started to follow what he writes. I never thought I would read a political book, but then again, I never really saw myself as an opinionated political follower. Eeeek! I'm turning into my dad!

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