Tuesday, August 11, 2009

... Whether the weather

Apart from someone pissing me off, the thing that affects my moods the most is the weather. The strange thing is that it's also very conditional. Even though I'd have an alright day, if the weather outside was ugly and grey, my mood would be a bit ugly and grey. If its sunny and shimmery over the harbour, I feel shimmery and squinty-eyed from smiling.

There are however, times that if it's pissing down outside and I know I am at home and not going anywhere, I love it. I also love to look outside my windows when there is a massive storm overhead. Its a bonus if its hailing or I am the first one to spot that its hailing!

Even though "the weather" is quite a boring topic, I still find myself talking about it and perpetuating conversation about it. When someone asks me how I am, I sometimes comment based on what I see or feel outside. I think about the weather and how it will affect me for the day, should I take an umbrella or a jacket or go to the beach?

It really is one of the best small-talk conversation topics! Sometimes though, I find that if a comment is delivered in a mundane way, it's really like someone is trying a bit too hard. I feel it's inevitable that if it looks like rain, someone will invariably mention 'looks like rain'. Quite a Captain Obvious comment. Same with when its a nice day. Someone will say 'Beaut' day isn't it?' What am I supposed to say apart from a 'yeah, it is'. Common! It's just too rhetorical.

I remember when I was young(er) and it was the lead-up to my birthday, I would hope and pray that my Birthday would be a glorious sunny day. The worst thing I could think of would be that it rained. Thankfully, I don't ever remember a birthday or a birthday party of mine where it rained, even in recent years.

Maybe the weather doesn't affect you as much as it does me, but as part of my quest for self-discovery, I realised just how important it is in my life! And you know what? Looking at the weather radar is increasing in popularity, so its not only me!

Radar - http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDR033.loop.shtml

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