Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where to Donate?

Just an observation ... 

We've had terrible floods in Queensland.
We gave and donated.
We've had terrible floods in New South Wales and Victoria. Bushfires were burning south of Perth.
We gave and donated ... and now also contribute to a flood levy.
Our neighbours in New Zealand have just had a very destructive earthquake.
We give and donate again.
But what of the other charities that depend on our continued donations?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Multicultural Australia - Failure, Success or Work in Progress?

An age old debate has resurfaced in the last couple of days, multiculturalism in Australia. It hasn't been too long since we have opened up the doors to immigrants and refugees (see my post on our Immigrant Population) and it seems that some people just don't get it. There is still so much growing we need to do.

However, what annoys me even more is seeing the leadership of some other countries.
What a defeatest attitude the leaders of Germany, France and Britain have taken.
Declaring that "Multiculturalism has failed" or even "utterly failed". Do we also think this is happening here?

I sincerely hope NOT!
There may be a few individuals and groups who perpetuate this idea of failing, however, they are in the minority.  I know so many families and people who actually go out, embrace and enjoy their life in Australia. They are proud of where they now live, they contribute well to our economy and are positive ambassadors when they venture overseas. There are some immigrants or first generation people who are even more patriotic and politically minded than so many Caucasians.

To take the attitude that Multiculturalism has failed is too negative and defeatest. It is a work in progress and cannot be viewed as either all or nothing. Our government and us in our communities have an obligation to ensure that our new Australians are well settled and that people on both sides are living together peacefully and happily.

 We want to ensure that people learn about other cultures, traditions and to see that they are not persecuted for practising their beliefs.
We want people with diverse experiences to help us grow our country.
We want to try their new foods and past-times.
We want to learn about the adversity people have overcome to settle here.  Australia's identity is continually evolving.
We cannot just close the book multiculturalism, it is a continual work in progress.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Women in Boardrooms

It seems that every time people talk about Gender Equality these days, they always bring up the fact that there are "not enough women on the board" or that "women are not well represented". I do believe that there are not enough women in senior positions or represented on a Board of Directors (BoD), but does that really mean we have to impose a mandatory number of woman on a Board? 

It all sounds a bit too affirmative action for me. 

Don't get me wrong. I DO want to see the gender gap close, however, putting a woman on a board of directors ... because she is a women, is ridiculous. What of merit? What about someones experience and the contribution they make? Imagine being appointed to a role primarily because of your gender/race/religion? It's just plain discrimination.  Merit and legitimacy must count first before tokenism.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Preventitive Health

What is Australia's no. 1 killer of women?
It's Heart disease.
Shocking isn't it? Shocking in the sense that with all we know, with all the good eating and exercise that we know we should follow ... we don't.

How much money annually is spent on tobacco and smoking related health costs in Australia?
$31.5 billion dollars, not to mention the 15,000 or so related deaths each year.
Why do people smoke? Why start up in the first place?
What's startling is that deaths from lung cancer exceeds deaths from breast cancer in women.

How often do you put on sunscreen? Do you even put it on when you are outside or at the beach?
Skin cancers and melanomas are the most common form of cancer for those who are 15-39.
80% of those who die, could have been prevented.

How many millions of dollars to do waste on "trying" to cure?
What if we spent 25% of that on preventitive interventions?


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Associate Professor Mel Ziman; CEO of Melanoma WA.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weakness or Strength?

We all feel that we are not good or could improve in certain things.
Including me.
I dont think I'm really good at;
Sport, running, come-backs, knitting, sitting still through the cricket, small-talk or at times ... anything.
However ... it is all quite relative.

People (including myself) dont really realise that it's never as bad as we think.
Like that party you dreaded to go to? Was it really that bad?
I sometimes think that I can't run far or that I'm not that fit - but then I surprise myself by not getting puffed out walking up some stairs or that I can do 100 sit-ups and push-ups (although, not in a row).

I received a really great yet surprising compliment the other day.
That ... I talk and make small talk with people so easily.
Massive surprise. I guess my weakness is not  ... not so weak.
Could it be that it's just the perception that I still have?
Now that the weakness is being addressed, I need to work on adjusting the way I see it within me.