Sunday, February 6, 2011

Preventitive Health

What is Australia's no. 1 killer of women?
It's Heart disease.
Shocking isn't it? Shocking in the sense that with all we know, with all the good eating and exercise that we know we should follow ... we don't.

How much money annually is spent on tobacco and smoking related health costs in Australia?
$31.5 billion dollars, not to mention the 15,000 or so related deaths each year.
Why do people smoke? Why start up in the first place?
What's startling is that deaths from lung cancer exceeds deaths from breast cancer in women.

How often do you put on sunscreen? Do you even put it on when you are outside or at the beach?
Skin cancers and melanomas are the most common form of cancer for those who are 15-39.
80% of those who die, could have been prevented.

How many millions of dollars to do waste on "trying" to cure?
What if we spent 25% of that on preventitive interventions?


Patches' high cost stubbed out,Mark Metherell. February 2, 2011.



Associate Professor Mel Ziman; CEO of Melanoma WA.

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