Sunday, February 14, 2010

Busy or Effective?

It annoys me when I ask people and *cough* friends how is work and they reply "busy".

Busy...?  So...? If you weren't busy you would have been made redundant. No employer is going to hire you if you have no workload.

When I ask how is work, I want to know what projects you are working on, if you are enjoying it, how your collegues are etc. I'm not shallow in that I ask how is work like I ask how are you.

People are so obsessed with saying how busy they are and how the organisation will crumble without them.  People even compete to see who is the more busier!  "...I have a thousand projects to do! Oh yeah? I have 10,000! The winner is the person who has the most insane schedule, who rushes from one thing to the next with the energy of a hummingbird, because obviously that means he’s the most successful and important..."

"...Maybe we’re playing the wrong game — we’ve been conditioned to believe that busier is better, but actually the speed of doing is not as important as what we focus on doing...".  How about being more productive? Try being more organised. Enjoy work, take the time to realise what you are doing, work on improving it.  


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gen Y Bashing

There is a lot of Gen Y bashing amongst older generations.  Normally it does not affect me but now I am sick of it.  All through the editorial columns of newspapers, talk back radio and on tv.  We seem to be their scapegoat. Maybe some of the Gen Y'ers are naive, but I ain't one of them.  There are people in their 60's and 70's with crazy opinions, I don't go around professing that all senior citizens are coockoo.

On Q&A this week it was a room full of under 25 year olds, Tony Jones and K.Rudd.  Ofcourse some of the questions were stupid and dumb but some of them were ok.  There is no need for the columns editorial digs at us.  All young people are me, me, me. It's something older generations have been through before.

The computer guy was the worst but don't put me in the same category as him.  I follow politics, I like following it and I'm not going to go all stroppy if the goverment are delayed in giving me a depreciating asset!  The money could have gone to so many better things including the upgrading of the refugee detention centres. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Email to a Friend

It's now the norm to have links at the bottom of news items, videos etc where you "Email to a Friend".

This is so you can share the content with someone who you think will enjoy or get something out of it. Its good for the company, they get another hit on their web page and it may even contribute to them getting a higher search position in Google/Yahoo/Bing.

Why is it then, that on the rare occasion I do forward something to someone, it doesn't work? Why have the function there as an option, if its not going to work?

As a marketer, I was taught that any PR is good. I was taught that even better than spending X amount of money on advertising, Word-of-Mouth is the best form of advertising.  I  might want to start a converstaion about it.

Hello! Companies X, Y & Z. Don't you really care? Fix up the links!