Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gen Y Bashing

There is a lot of Gen Y bashing amongst older generations.  Normally it does not affect me but now I am sick of it.  All through the editorial columns of newspapers, talk back radio and on tv.  We seem to be their scapegoat. Maybe some of the Gen Y'ers are naive, but I ain't one of them.  There are people in their 60's and 70's with crazy opinions, I don't go around professing that all senior citizens are coockoo.

On Q&A this week it was a room full of under 25 year olds, Tony Jones and K.Rudd.  Ofcourse some of the questions were stupid and dumb but some of them were ok.  There is no need for the columns editorial digs at us.  All young people are me, me, me. It's something older generations have been through before.

The computer guy was the worst but don't put me in the same category as him.  I follow politics, I like following it and I'm not going to go all stroppy if the goverment are delayed in giving me a depreciating asset!  The money could have gone to so many better things including the upgrading of the refugee detention centres. 

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