Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Freedom of Speech & Freedom to have an Opinion

Sometimes, the internet scares me.

Not in the fact that someone will steal my credit card details or someone will hack into my email. No. What I am afraid of is if one of my opinions comes backs and bites me.  I am afraid that some future employer or some lobby group decides that in a land of free speech, my comments will be taken in the wrong way or that I will be judged on them because when on the world wide web, they last forever! 

I have some strong opinions.  Some PC and some un-PC.  I feel that I cannot write them or really verbalise it as it may be used against me.  Yes, they are my opinions and I will always stand by then, I will also change my opinion when presented with logical argument that will sway my opinion and is in line with my values.

I may not agree with the opinions of others, but I do respect freedom of speech.  If it's how you feel, say it. However, I do also believe that with freedom of speech comes responsibility, especially people of influence.  Healthy discussion yes, brainwashing and conditional loveor respect, no.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rehabilitation Vs Correctional Centres

People do good and bad things.  Some of those who do bad (I'll rephrase, do something illegal) get caught and go to jail.  When you do the crime, you do the time. However, once you have paid your dues, you have done your time, when is it time to let go and let them give life a second chance?

This topic comes up time and time again in our family while watching Border Security.  People want to come to Australia for a holiday but they come with the wrong visa or they tick a box honestly saying, I have spent time in jail and they are on the next flight out.

(Disclaimer, I haven't done my research, so this is just my opinion on the limited amount of knowledge I do have.)

Our country is founded from the British convicts and criminals of the 1780's.  How can we not forgive people and give them the benefit of the doubt once they have tried to get their life back on track?  I don't think that 100% of the past and current prison population are repeat offenders (there may be a fair chunk, but I don't have the stats).

After a few years, you have your life back on track, aren't you entitled to travel and not be barred from a holiday?

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why I'm not "Just do(ing) It"

Do you ever feel that you want it all?
That you want to do everything and that you aim to do it all within a small period of time and then ..... reality and the everyday mundane-ness hits you?
Wake, work, home, sleep.  Wake, work, home, sleep.

I long to do something more with my time but when I get home, the last thing I want to do is to sit infront of my laptop again.  I want to do x,y & z but sitting on my butt watching tv seems like the better option.  Thankfully my weekends don't end up like that, but I always find myself allocating down time on the weekend too.

Is this really the life I want? No. Is this how I see myself accomplishing what I want from my private life? No.
Why do I do it? Why does it seem like the best option? Why is pizza and wine better than an big night out with drinking and partying? Why don't I take up some mid-week hobby like I want to? (and keep telling myself.)

Yes I am lazy, but maybe its something more?  I want to do more sailing, start Toastmasters ... its the first few steps into the unknown. That is why I have not done it.  Its speaking to people I dont know and establishing a rapport with them - something I am uncomfortable with. Why do I priortise going to the gym more than that? Its because its familiar and the safer, risk-free option.

I feel I live so much of my life in the safer, risk-free area.  Once in a while I will push and rebel against it, but somehow I will end up in that place again. I will do something totally out of the ordinary, move halfway across the world, but who's ordinary is it?  Am I just benchmarking myself against other people and not bechmarking me against myself?