Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Freedom of Speech & Freedom to have an Opinion

Sometimes, the internet scares me.

Not in the fact that someone will steal my credit card details or someone will hack into my email. No. What I am afraid of is if one of my opinions comes backs and bites me.  I am afraid that some future employer or some lobby group decides that in a land of free speech, my comments will be taken in the wrong way or that I will be judged on them because when on the world wide web, they last forever! 

I have some strong opinions.  Some PC and some un-PC.  I feel that I cannot write them or really verbalise it as it may be used against me.  Yes, they are my opinions and I will always stand by then, I will also change my opinion when presented with logical argument that will sway my opinion and is in line with my values.

I may not agree with the opinions of others, but I do respect freedom of speech.  If it's how you feel, say it. However, I do also believe that with freedom of speech comes responsibility, especially people of influence.  Healthy discussion yes, brainwashing and conditional loveor respect, no.


DrK said...

What ever we do in this world carry risk. Whatever we say also carry risk. If we constantly worry about risk how can we live to the full I wonder.

I say we be true to ourselves in what we say and do, and do no harm; and take responsibility if we make a mistake.

Oh just found your blog. Awesome. Would love to continue to read all your pc and non-pc stuff :).

Ayesha said...

Hey DrK.
Thanks for your positive feedback to my blog. He's my little pride and joy.
I totally agree, everything we do is with some risk. Even doing nothing is with risk.
I guess a life well lived is one in which we take calculated risks.
Good luck for your blog, will keep reading!