Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Public Servants - 9 to 5 only?

If I got a dollar for everytime I saw Kevin Rudd interviewed after he has attended church, I would be well on my way to dining at Tetsuya's! Yes he is the PM, yes he needs to comment on what is happening but its Sunday and it should be just for him and his family.

Today ... it was reported that Christine Nixon went out to dinner with 2 friends "...during the worst hours of black Saturday...".  I know that it would be ridiculous if the firemen and women who were fighting these fires wanted to stop for food instead of saving a home or life. Come on! Give her a break. If she is off shift, or she wanted a couple of hours away why cant she?

Why do we have such high expectations of our public servants? Why should they be on 24/7? I'm not working that long? Are you? Are you paid to work 24/7? Are they?


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