Monday, December 5, 2011

Hindsight or Regret?

Isn't hindsight funny?
It makes you think that if you had a take 2, things could have gone better.

I know, I have been a bit AWOL recently. I'm back though.
My absence has given me a bit of clarity about a few things, particularly about what you would change if you could do it again.

Do I have any regrets? Maybe, yeah.   I wish I called XYZ more often or that I told ABC that I loved them more. But ... is that really a regret? Isn't that just a misalignment in my priorities? I try to enjoy everyday, to live in the moment (with few looks in the rear and a few more to the front).  Should I fault my life or live with regret? No. The choices were mine, I take responsibility.  Would I change things from here on in? Well, yeah - in whatever way is sustainable.

Of course it is the relationships you have with people that matter & of course, you will always wish you spent more time with them or appreciated them more when they were around.  We're all here for a finite period. We have to make it count and learn from our mistakes.  We can't spend 24/7 with someone, we'll neglect someone else, even if that person is ourself.

If I had my take 2 on certain things, I don't know if I would actually do anything too different. There are things I could handle better second time around but then I may want a third of fourth go of it and inertia would inevitably set it.  However, what I need to do is to keep going. Learn the lessons quick, apply what you can. Live life, don't wish what could be or should be and remember the good, happy times - they're what you take away from most things anyway.