Monday, December 5, 2011

Hindsight or Regret?

Isn't hindsight funny?
It makes you think that if you had a take 2, things could have gone better.

I know, I have been a bit AWOL recently. I'm back though.
My absence has given me a bit of clarity about a few things, particularly about what you would change if you could do it again.

Do I have any regrets? Maybe, yeah.   I wish I called XYZ more often or that I told ABC that I loved them more. But ... is that really a regret? Isn't that just a misalignment in my priorities? I try to enjoy everyday, to live in the moment (with few looks in the rear and a few more to the front).  Should I fault my life or live with regret? No. The choices were mine, I take responsibility.  Would I change things from here on in? Well, yeah - in whatever way is sustainable.

Of course it is the relationships you have with people that matter & of course, you will always wish you spent more time with them or appreciated them more when they were around.  We're all here for a finite period. We have to make it count and learn from our mistakes.  We can't spend 24/7 with someone, we'll neglect someone else, even if that person is ourself.

If I had my take 2 on certain things, I don't know if I would actually do anything too different. There are things I could handle better second time around but then I may want a third of fourth go of it and inertia would inevitably set it.  However, what I need to do is to keep going. Learn the lessons quick, apply what you can. Live life, don't wish what could be or should be and remember the good, happy times - they're what you take away from most things anyway.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kiss or Tell?

Yesterday was a very historical day. Our Carbon Tax passed. It's important news.It's a major win for the Labor party, Tree Huggers & Gen Y.

 But was this the biggest news of the day?  No. Of course not.

Fact and celebration were trumped by hypothesising, guess work and assumption.

The biggest news story and plastered all over today's newspapers were not the fact that we
have a Carbon Tax.

No, the biggest news story was the fact that Kevin Rudd walked up to Julia Gillard to congratulate/share in the triumph of passing legislation that has been years in the making.
Is it the "Kiss of Death"?? or "Kiss of Deceit".

Julia Gillard's double victory - passing her carbon tax legislation and a kiss from Kevin Rudd - The Australian 

Global warming to political warming: Rudd's 'Judas kiss' - The Newcastle Herald.

It's such a shame. We're pioneers, one of the first countries to do this. We're taking a punt & giving it a go but all the gloss has gone. The celebration and limelight of what should be a defining time for us is overshadowed by two colleagues getting along. 

Yes, note worthy because it is Gillard & Rudd, however, it should not be front page news. Shame to all mentioned above. 

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The Australian, 13/10/2011

The Newcastle Herald, 13/10/2011

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Monday, October 10, 2011


Nokia had it right. Connecting people.
What makes me happiest are the connections I form with people. Meaningful connections, fleeting connections, a connection over a laugh.

It's the connections I make with people are what makes me get out of bed in the morning. It's why I enjoy going to work, it's why I sometimes take a sneaky long lunch.

It's fusing bonds with people - understanding them better. By understanding people better, you get to understand yourself better.

Getting drunk & disorderly, being Face book friends, going to so&so's party cos xyz is there doesn't cut it.

I had a long chat with someone from work today. The deeper connection I made with them today made up for all the little annoyances during the day to make it a good day. 
Our differences were not exposed, only the similarities were highlighted.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I’ve had an Oprah, Ah-Ha moment over the last few weeks. I’ve realised, I’m not 23 anymore.  I actually turn 30 this year and it does make me wince a bit. (I choose 23 as it’s the first full year out of university and into the world).

I’ve been an adult now for well over a decade and still don’t view myself as how old I really am.
Yes! The years just seem to pass by so quickly.  I still get a massive smile on my face when the ice cream van drive’s by.

But yes, I need to realise I’m not fresh out of uni any more. I’m not a grad. and I’m not the youngest in the company/department/team.  I don’t need as much guidance, I can do things on my own, I don’t want to be boxed in ... However, the irony is I do still want it at the same time. Maybe it’s some sort of transitional phase where I am (hesitatingly) realising my contribution & am averse to the risk is in making errors or mistakes.

I want credibility, I want to be working on important projects and make bigger decisions. However, who would give this to someone who sees themselves as 23? Someone who doesn’t want too much responsibility but wants the perks?

I see myself a fast learner but what am I really learning?  How am I adding value? What am I doing in life that is mature? Can I even ask that? Does making a massive purchase like a car or house make me mature? What about having kids? Does that bring out maturity in people?

These are the phases people go through when they learn something. 
I guess I'm still learning about life. 

Advanced Beginner

Hmmm, I'm sure I am competent but when all the doubts and questions enter my head, I want to say advanced beginner.

I need to be ... more mature. I need to up my game. I need to ... BRING IT ON.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Governments Operating like Business

In short, no they shouldn't. However ... there are principles they need to follow in order to make good policies and decisions.

With the collapse of the Australian Governments Malaysia solution, there are a few things I thought would be no brainers and things that ANY professional organisation should have followed.

1. Check that you are not breaking any laws, contracts or obligations.
I know ... a bit of a Captain Obvious, but how can you spend millions of dollars, do deals with other countries and not check if you are in breach of the constitution, legislation or any human rights agreements you have signed?

2. Have an exit clause.
Ok, I am still happy that we are receiving more refugees, however, now that the deal is down the gurgler, we still have to take all 4000 refugees from Malaysia. There was nothing in the contract to say, if things go pear shape, we won't be out of pocket. Companies would never sign a contract when there is no way out and there is a possibility they may be out of pocket.

Work out you're ROI (Return on Investment). Is the deal worth it? Will we be better off after the deal? How much do we have to spend before we see a benefit? Is there a benefit? If the deal doesn't return on average a positive outcome, don't do it.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Learnings from the Census Form 2011

So it is Census night.

Are you:
a) Holding onto your pen or pencil
b) Completing it online?
c) Oh shizer. That's today?

I have just filled it out for our household.
This is what I learnt.

1. If you are employed ... you have to answer so many more questions.
Agghhhh! I'm already tired from work. Shouldn't some of the info from the ATO trasnfer over? You're all the one government right?
2. If you are retired, there is no radio box to indicate this fact.
Considering the babyboomers are in that area ... you would think that retirement would be an option. Maybe it's assumed, but should the ABS assume?
3. Indian is now pre-listed on the What's your background question.
4. The Salvation Army is regarded as part of Religion.

Filling out the form online really was SO much easier than filling out the form.
One had on the tab button and one hand on the keyboard. Yep, it's the way I roll.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Carbon Tax ... Friend or Foe?

The likelihood of passing Labor's Carbon Tax legislation (with the support of the Greens & the In dependants) is so high, even I would head down to the TAB and put money on it!

It's a formality away from happening, it will happen & people ... it's a GOOD THING.

Now I don't believe in all the science, I believe that the earth does what it has to, to reach its own equilibrium. However, what I do believe is that one day coal will run out (It takes millions of years to make coal from petrified wood.) & if we don't invest in alternatives now, our grandchildren will be in for a shock!

So why is it a good thing?

Our electricity bills are already high!
That's because we know coal is scarce.  As a scarce resource, it will cost more & more due to our world population is growing.  How can this be a surprise to anyone?

The demand for more is increasing & that the energy sector knew a tax or ETS would be on its way.

If our energy providers can access energy from more sustainable sources, it can only mean our bills will stay the same or even go down. (in the long run).

We're biting off more than we can chew.
20 years ago, did we have TVs in every room? Did we have electronic devices foe EVERYTHING? We don't even read or catch a bus without our electronic devices. Kids these days don't ride their bikes, they play with iPads, Xboxes & Nintendo DSs.
I'm just guessing, but the rate at which Australia has grown is nothing compared to the rate demand for electricity has grown.

Despite the spin, despite what both Julia & Tony tells us, despite what the shock jocks say & despite what was alluded to on Q&A, acting sustainably is in the nations interest and in YOUR interest.

There is uncertainty about everything ... except death & taxes.
Embrace the new certainty provided by our Government!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ladies in Heels

I have a philosophy about ladies shoes.
If I can walk in them normally, I can wear them.
I objectively try on shoes & go through the checklist of walkability, stylishness, confidence etc.  I know what brands are good for work, I know which of my shoes are good for weekends, I know which shoes to only wear if I'm being driven & walking is minimal.

I don't wear sneakers to work, I wear dark canvas Dunlops or comfy ballet shoes.When I'm out for the night for a few drinks, I wear heels but I make sure I know where we are going so the shoes suit the location.  I try to ensure that they are comfy or I catch cabs.
I don't stomp, shuffle or walk like a new born horse. 
It's not sexy & you loose the allure of confidence. 
It's amazing how many women will wear a KILLER pair of heels or boots.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Diversity on TV

On Q&A last week (Monday 20th June, ABC) Josh Thomas made an interesting statement.
He said that by watching reality TV, he got an insight into who other people are. He even mentioned that growing up where he did, the first Muslim he got to know/see was via TV.

I wonder what he was watching ... it’s all well and good if the commercial TV networks actually put someone on TV who is NOT your stereotypical: middle income, Anglo-Saxon who conforms to societies ways.

Apart from SBS (and at times the ABC), pretty much all other channels conform to this stereotypical image of what Australians should look like. That is ... apart from the 'token' person.  When we view American & British TV, there is a bit more diversity but our diversity highs are when the commercial channels televise a comedy festival!

There are some really interesting people on TV,  I don't want to define people by their race but surely we can make more dramas or comedies with a reflection of who 'Australians' really are.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GFC: Take 2?

Its been about 2 years since the GFC started.

We've been quite lucky in Australia to have missed the brunt of it. Our employment took a small dip, consumer spending dipped (still is down), our savings have increased & our stock exchange took a few batterings thus lowering our super funds.

We tried to recover, stimulus packages were put together, interest rates were dropped & families started eating more at home.

It's been 2 years and we think it's all in the past ... but is it?

America is still having issues and worse than them is Greece.  Their economic woes continue,  jobs being cut, wages being lowered and now there is strong speculation that they will default on their loan.

With the prospect of the loan defaulting, it's going to greatly impact upon the markets within the EU.  Stocks and markets will be volatile and thus repercussions will be felt everywhere, including Australia. We are not immune, it is not over. 

My take on things?

The leadership under Papendreou is strong, however, it's not enough.  More needs to be done to get people working and producing cash flow within society. With interest rates already near 0%, the incentive you give to taxpayers is more stimulus payments in conjunction with investment in staples such as infrastructure & education. Tourism is where things could get interesting, so the Greek government should think of incentives to let the foreigners flood in.

From our side of things, I think the RBA have been very cautious (rightly so) while we sit and wait and see what is happening in the rest of the world. If they increased interest rates prematurely, we could have had some unnecessary early bumps.  Our stock market will continue to suffer while other regions are suffering and our currency against others will also faulter.
The whole world is still in such a precarious place right now, added to the GFC woes are environmental issues that have affected Japan, New Zealand and ourselves. The impact on these countries affects the world, especially compounding its affect on us.

There's still some way to go before we're out of the woods.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Poor Female Self Image

I found this on the back cover of the Sun Herald yesterday. (Sunday 5th June 2011).

Taking photoshop and editing too far .... How skinny DOES she have to be?
Skinny enough to dissolve her knees.  Really, look closely, she has no knees.

It's still blatently obvious that a normal human figure is repulsive on the cover (or back) of publications.
What's wrong with knees? I assume she has them, but I cannot see her patella, her knee dimples ... nothing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cat Calls = Female Limelight

Politicians are elected as OUR representatives but I don't remember electing any of them to be role model of sexism.

Today while the Senate was sitting, a Senator made a cat-call noise (a reeeow) suggesting an in-party fight.

Why is it when Senator David Bushby makes a cat-call, it's recipient, Senator Penny Wong (it's predominantly the female) is in the spotlight?
Why isn't David Bushby's face plastered all over the online news?
Why isn't his face flashed before us on the 6pm & 7 pm news?

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Role Model Fail

Beyonce has been in her second job for a while now. She is helping Michelle Obama on a campaign to reduce childhood obesity in the "Let's Move" program.
Re-making video clips to make it more fun & easier for the kids to follow her dance moves.  Great idea! 

Although, it's a case of do as I say, not as I do.  It's a shame that Beyonce cannot always 'move'.  

Beyonce was one of the hundreds of celebrities at the Met Gala last week.  She looked great but ... at what cost?

Met Gala: Beyonce gets stuck in dress    
As you can see ... Beyonce wore a dress that was soooo tight, she could not move. She couldn't even climb up the stairs herself!
What message does this send to the kids? What message does it send to those who think they are too fat? What message does it send to those who look to her for fashion advice? Or to those who want to be like her? 

Beyonce lifted upstairs at Met Gala

It's sending such a clear message that if you want to look beautiful, you loose your independence. 
Looking beautiful means you need help climbing up the stairs (even help going to the toilet). 


Saturday, April 30, 2011

More popular than Coca-Cola?

As an average Australian, we are exposed to a barrage of logos over our life.  Generally, we know who are the biggest players from their advertising.  They're the Coca Cola's, McDonald's of the world.

I got some new ones. Ones that are EVERYWHERE!

It's not Facebook in the way you post your updates & add new friends.
It's Facebook the brand.

There is a good chance these days, if you see an ad (print, on tv or online), you will see an ad within an ad. That ad within the ad is a plug to log onto Facebook.

If you want more info about the company, these days, they are more likely to point you in the direction of Facebook than to their own website. "Like us on Facebook", "Keep up to date at".

We take EFTPOS for granted. We all think, it's just a method of payment like credit card. Not so. Eftpos turns out is like Pay pal, set up and run by their own business.

Their logo is EVERYWHERE too.
So why am I all of a sudden stating the obvious?

Well, recently, EFTPOS have been releasing their own branded advertising, pointing out the fact that you save more of your own money with them.

They are not a synonymous with cash or card.  They are a business & like all of them, they disseminate their identity where ever they can, mainly at all points of sale.

I've heard statistics saying that the world Coca-Cola is the second or fifth most used word. It's word-of-mouth count is nothing compared to the others.  I don't have empirical evidence but I would like to say, I disagree.

Wanting to pay via EFTPOS or to Facebook stalk someone is now so ingrained in our everyday conversations & actions. People would easily say these multiple times a day. Now compare that to how many times a day do people say I want a Coca Cola?

These advertising behemoths better watch their backs!!

Logo taken from / References:!/downloadtracker/download.php?rid=48&hash=6hFX2ZSJI3T_

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Policed State or Being Cautious?

I had a friend visit me from Europe last week.  So after a few observations (coming through customs, immigration, catching the train c/o Cityrail, walking around the CBD, seeing people go by, having a beer) he started with the questions.

Why do people riding bikes wear helmets?
Don't even some people drink in the street?
Why does everyone wait for the green man to flash?
Why do some of your police cars have a covered room at the back (paddy wagon)?
Why is Sydney so policed?

It got me thinking ... I agree, (at times) we are overly protected & policed. Is it to prevent lawsuits? Is it imposing rules as normal people don't have the sense to have common sense? Is it revenue raising? Is it to protect children?

Now there is talk that we need to have a licence to use the pokies or gamble.
I know its a problem for some people and their families but really, do we really need to go through more paperwork, more red tape, more government money wasted issuing and monitoring all this? What about those who occasionally go in and use the pokies? Why do we need another card in our wallet?

Why are we not empowered to look after ourselves? To take responsibility for our actions?
We can be advised or recommended to wear helmets but why is it enforced if someone chooses not to? There are millions of people around the world who leisurely cycle everyday ... without a helmet. Not every road has a set of crossing lights or sometimes they are not convenient.

At times I do think there is too much intervention from the government. People need to be informed but to be penalised for exerting their freedom (within reason)?  It's too much. If I liked fishing, I would need a fishing licence. If I want to use a chain saw, I need a chainsaw license. I want to use a boat - I would need a license for that too. 

We're dumbing down everything so people don't have to think about consequences.  We have to follow and do.  We're not shown how to take responsibility. Everyone blames everyone else. People need to be empowered to think for themselves and to think of the consequences.  What happened to survival of the fittest?  I think, I analyse, I take informed risks - shouldn't everyone be taught this?

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Borders - How to get people in & buying

The WWF needs to add a new endangered species to its list, the book store.
Borders and Angus & Robertson going into voluntary liquidation, closing so many of their stores & now selling off everything in their physical stores.
It's a shame, we're losing an icon.

I love going into Borders - heading over to Gloria Jeans with a stack of magazines to flip through while I sip my mocha chiller. Good for me however, clearly not helping Borders with their financial troubles.

In my view, this is where Borders has gone wrong & what they could do to improve.
  • Cheaper books & they need to be competitive. Dymocks, Co-Op book shops & the Independents are going relatively well and books are now available for much cheaper in Target, Big W & Kmart.
  • Engage more with the community. Have more authors dropping in, book signings, children's reading time, establish or facilitate book clubs.
  • Send out more tailored email communications. It's currently sent out as one size fits all. Inform us what is going on at our local stores, what are the big sellers of the week, let us tailor our mail to know what new Sci-Fi or Biographies are coming out.
  • Attach coupons to our membership/loyalty cards - don't make us waste paper and print out the coupon.
  • Don't diversify your range to include home wares & gifts. Stick to Books/Movies/Music/Magazines, cut the stationery lines.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Duty of Care - Female Reporters

Know what's so obvious with all the protests that are happening in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Egypt etc.?  The fact that most* rallys only have men & boys.

We are living in a world where women are not treated the same everywhere. There are differences here in Australia, there are larger differences in the Middle East where all these protests are happening.

Yes, women can do anything and should be given equal opporunities.  However, when it comes to sending female reporters and journalists into areas of political unrest (in countries where women are not shown the same respect), I think that there is a sense of duty of care their employers must take.

Lara Logan is an American reporter. She was in Egypt at the time of their protests, got caught up with all the activites in Tahrir Square and unfotunately was assaulted.  Merit wise, she may have been the best person to send to Egypt, however, with all countries not having the same amount of women's liberation, I feel that more care should have been taken with sending females or that females should not have been in a situation where there are hundreds of males.

There are rallys/protests with women involved, however, it seems that they are at different times/locations and never with the males.

Why aren't the female reporters at least talking to the females at these protests? Or at least having some air time on our tvs?

* I want to preface that I am saying most, as I am sure there are some women protesting with men. I'm not there amongst them all, I am basing my opinion based on what I see.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Freedom of Speech or Treason?

What is Freedom of Speech?
I define it as an individuals right to speak that is in line with their set of personal values. An individuals right to speak to defend their liberties and moral ideals.

What is Treason?
I define it as someone going against their country, going against what the country stands for (or at least what the government at the time stands for). Treason in it's most extreme sense, could also be seen as someone plotting the downfall of their country (or what the government at the time stands for).
Treason for me is really going against the sitting government because I don't think anyone would want to relinquish their national identity. E.G. German citizens plotting to assassinate Hitler, they're still Germans and want to be, they just didn't like what their government was doing.

So, what if there is some person who says something that is not in favour of their country? What if they have a view that is different to that of the sitting government? What if the government is trying to conceal something that affects it's citizens or is violating human rights? Is a whistle blower a traitor?

The line between freedom of speech and treason is very fine ... that's if we are talking about democracies (and even then there are exceptions).  What about those protesting for freedom in Libya? Military personnel who told the world about what happened in Abu Ghraib prison? Are they all regarded as expressing their right to speak? Or are they traitors? Hmmm .....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Phone Home!

With the way we use phones now, the home phone is on the endangered list.

I know when people ask for my phone number, I never give out my home phone number, its always the mobile phone.

Our mobile phones are alway with us ... it's effort to get up off the couch and pick up the home phone. Call rates are more competitive ... it's even free to talk to people on the same network.

I'm sure they'll be extinct one day soon.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where to Donate?

Just an observation ... 

We've had terrible floods in Queensland.
We gave and donated.
We've had terrible floods in New South Wales and Victoria. Bushfires were burning south of Perth.
We gave and donated ... and now also contribute to a flood levy.
Our neighbours in New Zealand have just had a very destructive earthquake.
We give and donate again.
But what of the other charities that depend on our continued donations?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Multicultural Australia - Failure, Success or Work in Progress?

An age old debate has resurfaced in the last couple of days, multiculturalism in Australia. It hasn't been too long since we have opened up the doors to immigrants and refugees (see my post on our Immigrant Population) and it seems that some people just don't get it. There is still so much growing we need to do.

However, what annoys me even more is seeing the leadership of some other countries.
What a defeatest attitude the leaders of Germany, France and Britain have taken.
Declaring that "Multiculturalism has failed" or even "utterly failed". Do we also think this is happening here?

I sincerely hope NOT!
There may be a few individuals and groups who perpetuate this idea of failing, however, they are in the minority.  I know so many families and people who actually go out, embrace and enjoy their life in Australia. They are proud of where they now live, they contribute well to our economy and are positive ambassadors when they venture overseas. There are some immigrants or first generation people who are even more patriotic and politically minded than so many Caucasians.

To take the attitude that Multiculturalism has failed is too negative and defeatest. It is a work in progress and cannot be viewed as either all or nothing. Our government and us in our communities have an obligation to ensure that our new Australians are well settled and that people on both sides are living together peacefully and happily.

 We want to ensure that people learn about other cultures, traditions and to see that they are not persecuted for practising their beliefs.
We want people with diverse experiences to help us grow our country.
We want to try their new foods and past-times.
We want to learn about the adversity people have overcome to settle here.  Australia's identity is continually evolving.
We cannot just close the book multiculturalism, it is a continual work in progress.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Women in Boardrooms

It seems that every time people talk about Gender Equality these days, they always bring up the fact that there are "not enough women on the board" or that "women are not well represented". I do believe that there are not enough women in senior positions or represented on a Board of Directors (BoD), but does that really mean we have to impose a mandatory number of woman on a Board? 

It all sounds a bit too affirmative action for me. 

Don't get me wrong. I DO want to see the gender gap close, however, putting a woman on a board of directors ... because she is a women, is ridiculous. What of merit? What about someones experience and the contribution they make? Imagine being appointed to a role primarily because of your gender/race/religion? It's just plain discrimination.  Merit and legitimacy must count first before tokenism.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Preventitive Health

What is Australia's no. 1 killer of women?
It's Heart disease.
Shocking isn't it? Shocking in the sense that with all we know, with all the good eating and exercise that we know we should follow ... we don't.

How much money annually is spent on tobacco and smoking related health costs in Australia?
$31.5 billion dollars, not to mention the 15,000 or so related deaths each year.
Why do people smoke? Why start up in the first place?
What's startling is that deaths from lung cancer exceeds deaths from breast cancer in women.

How often do you put on sunscreen? Do you even put it on when you are outside or at the beach?
Skin cancers and melanomas are the most common form of cancer for those who are 15-39.
80% of those who die, could have been prevented.

How many millions of dollars to do waste on "trying" to cure?
What if we spent 25% of that on preventitive interventions?


Patches' high cost stubbed out,Mark Metherell. February 2, 2011.



Associate Professor Mel Ziman; CEO of Melanoma WA.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weakness or Strength?

We all feel that we are not good or could improve in certain things.
Including me.
I dont think I'm really good at;
Sport, running, come-backs, knitting, sitting still through the cricket, small-talk or at times ... anything.
However ... it is all quite relative.

People (including myself) dont really realise that it's never as bad as we think.
Like that party you dreaded to go to? Was it really that bad?
I sometimes think that I can't run far or that I'm not that fit - but then I surprise myself by not getting puffed out walking up some stairs or that I can do 100 sit-ups and push-ups (although, not in a row).

I received a really great yet surprising compliment the other day.
That ... I talk and make small talk with people so easily.
Massive surprise. I guess my weakness is not  ... not so weak.
Could it be that it's just the perception that I still have?
Now that the weakness is being addressed, I need to work on adjusting the way I see it within me.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Australia's Immigration Situation

SBS recently showed a documentary outlining our Australian immigration story called, Immigration Nation.

The biggest learning (and shocking) point for me?
The fact that it literally has only been the last 30 years that race has not been a big issue in regards to immigration. Our White Australia Policy was (in name) dismissed by the Whitlam government, but it wasn't till Fraser's term that 14,000 Vietnamese refugees were allowed entrance to Australia. The first time we let 'non-whites' en mass to enter Australia.

We like to consider ourselves as a non-racist country, however for some, these messages have been ingrained into so many. We're frightened by the media and our government into thinking that non-whites = terrorists.  That 'others' will take our jobs, our kids placements into schools, that they will 'take over' or people wont conform to 'our way of living' etc. It is no wonder that we still face issues, especially in regards to those who arrive by boat.

Immigration is one thing, accepting Refugees, although linked should be looked at differently. (but that's another story)

As I like to share my opinions, this is what I wrote on the SBS comments page about the documentary.

""Thanks SBS for the highly infomative documentary.
We learn some in school, but no way near as much. This is a MUST for the Dept. of Education to include in their curriculum.

It is such a shame that it is only within the last 30 years that the White Australia Policy has been put to rest. (Just within my lifetime). I felt sad as an Australian that we used to treat people like that. 

 However, feel very humbled in regards to how far we have come and know that we as a nation will take strides in ensuring our neighbours and others in need are looked after with our arms outreached, those who arrive via plane and boat.""

I can't think of anywhere else in the world I can get authentic Chinese, Turkish, Thai, Italian, Greek, Indian and other tasty cuisines in the one country!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Minority - Me

I'm classified as a minority these days.

I dont have a tattoo and ....

I dont have an i-phone. 

Ooohhh, what a rebel I am!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Greeks wanted it, the Romans wanted it, even Chinese Emporers wanted it ...
so why don't we want it?

I made an observation the other day ...
Why were previous civilisations after immortality (and not us now in 2011)?

I guess for starters, we live till at least 80.
Back then, they died at around 38-45, pretty much just after they have peaked. Probably thinking that there just has to be more ...
I remember in the movie Troy, (hardly a credible source but one nonetheless) Achilles didn't want his name to be forgotten, he motivated all the warriors by proclaiming that immortality is theirs to be taken. 

For us these days, we live till our wrinkles sag, we're flush with white hair or no hair. Our vision slowly goes, our hearing slowly goes ... our even mind goes. I guess not the era of our life we want to keep prolonging.

Religiously and spiritually, there are groups who believe in an afterlife and that at least a part of us continues to live on. People used to be buried with their favourite things, games in the event they do arise, they will be surrounded by their favourite things.

It's ironic how they wanted to prolong life and to become immortal when we these days, discuss euthanasia.

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