Sunday, March 27, 2011

Duty of Care - Female Reporters

Know what's so obvious with all the protests that are happening in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Egypt etc.?  The fact that most* rallys only have men & boys.

We are living in a world where women are not treated the same everywhere. There are differences here in Australia, there are larger differences in the Middle East where all these protests are happening.

Yes, women can do anything and should be given equal opporunities.  However, when it comes to sending female reporters and journalists into areas of political unrest (in countries where women are not shown the same respect), I think that there is a sense of duty of care their employers must take.

Lara Logan is an American reporter. She was in Egypt at the time of their protests, got caught up with all the activites in Tahrir Square and unfotunately was assaulted.  Merit wise, she may have been the best person to send to Egypt, however, with all countries not having the same amount of women's liberation, I feel that more care should have been taken with sending females or that females should not have been in a situation where there are hundreds of males.

There are rallys/protests with women involved, however, it seems that they are at different times/locations and never with the males.

Why aren't the female reporters at least talking to the females at these protests? Or at least having some air time on our tvs?

* I want to preface that I am saying most, as I am sure there are some women protesting with men. I'm not there amongst them all, I am basing my opinion based on what I see.

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