Saturday, April 30, 2011

More popular than Coca-Cola?

As an average Australian, we are exposed to a barrage of logos over our life.  Generally, we know who are the biggest players from their advertising.  They're the Coca Cola's, McDonald's of the world.

I got some new ones. Ones that are EVERYWHERE!

It's not Facebook in the way you post your updates & add new friends.
It's Facebook the brand.

There is a good chance these days, if you see an ad (print, on tv or online), you will see an ad within an ad. That ad within the ad is a plug to log onto Facebook.

If you want more info about the company, these days, they are more likely to point you in the direction of Facebook than to their own website. "Like us on Facebook", "Keep up to date at".

We take EFTPOS for granted. We all think, it's just a method of payment like credit card. Not so. Eftpos turns out is like Pay pal, set up and run by their own business.

Their logo is EVERYWHERE too.
So why am I all of a sudden stating the obvious?

Well, recently, EFTPOS have been releasing their own branded advertising, pointing out the fact that you save more of your own money with them.

They are not a synonymous with cash or card.  They are a business & like all of them, they disseminate their identity where ever they can, mainly at all points of sale.

I've heard statistics saying that the world Coca-Cola is the second or fifth most used word. It's word-of-mouth count is nothing compared to the others.  I don't have empirical evidence but I would like to say, I disagree.

Wanting to pay via EFTPOS or to Facebook stalk someone is now so ingrained in our everyday conversations & actions. People would easily say these multiple times a day. Now compare that to how many times a day do people say I want a Coca Cola?

These advertising behemoths better watch their backs!!

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