Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weakness or Strength?

We all feel that we are not good or could improve in certain things.
Including me.
I dont think I'm really good at;
Sport, running, come-backs, knitting, sitting still through the cricket, small-talk or at times ... anything.
However ... it is all quite relative.

People (including myself) dont really realise that it's never as bad as we think.
Like that party you dreaded to go to? Was it really that bad?
I sometimes think that I can't run far or that I'm not that fit - but then I surprise myself by not getting puffed out walking up some stairs or that I can do 100 sit-ups and push-ups (although, not in a row).

I received a really great yet surprising compliment the other day.
That ... I talk and make small talk with people so easily.
Massive surprise. I guess my weakness is not  ... not so weak.
Could it be that it's just the perception that I still have?
Now that the weakness is being addressed, I need to work on adjusting the way I see it within me.

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