Friday, July 8, 2011

Ladies in Heels

I have a philosophy about ladies shoes.
If I can walk in them normally, I can wear them.
I objectively try on shoes & go through the checklist of walkability, stylishness, confidence etc.  I know what brands are good for work, I know which of my shoes are good for weekends, I know which shoes to only wear if I'm being driven & walking is minimal.

I don't wear sneakers to work, I wear dark canvas Dunlops or comfy ballet shoes.When I'm out for the night for a few drinks, I wear heels but I make sure I know where we are going so the shoes suit the location.  I try to ensure that they are comfy or I catch cabs.
I don't stomp, shuffle or walk like a new born horse. 
It's not sexy & you loose the allure of confidence. 
It's amazing how many women will wear a KILLER pair of heels or boots.

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