Monday, August 17, 2009

... IBM aka I'll Buy Mine

I'm working again as a temp. for IBM. I have worked for them on and off as a receptionist for nearly 1 year. IBM position themselves very well in the B2B market and any noob would kill for a job there. IBM are EVERYWHERE! I think without IBM society would not function. IBM is linked to banks, airlines, supermarkets, telcos, you name it.

I remember the day I was offered contract work with them, I was SO excited and pumped. I was going to be the Face of IBM Australia-New Zealand HQ for the next 2 weeks. A role where I can charm and be professional while being hospitable and welcoming. I pride myself on my customer servicing and when I can't offer exceptional service, I feel like I am letting myself down and feel slightly guilty.

With the prospect of the Global Financial Crisis, IBM A/NZ cut from their budget all tea, coffee, cups, stirrers and sugar. Now I can understand that when times are tough, you have to cut back, but I feel that time and time again, from what I hear in the business news that IBM is still making record profits and exceeding targets.

My question to the IBM exec's is this ... If you expect all your major clients to meet you at your office, why can't you offer them at least a cup of tea! I would feel mighty stupid asking someone to sit and wait 15min and all I could offer them was water in a non-existent cup!

To make things worse, a new vending machine has moved in. Not easy to access and really generic, no-name tea and coffee. I can offer someone tea and coffee now, either at the client or my expense but it will be a tepid slurry.

Its an unspoken courtesy to have basic tea/coffee/water for guests and clients, even if the rest of the staff have to go without.

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