Monday, January 12, 2009

DIY Calendars

I really wanted to make my own 2009 calendar this year.
So being organised person that I am, I decided to prepare for it early not wanting the year to suddenly spring up on me.

October came along and I sought out what photos to include, found coulourful VIBGYOR pieces of paper and found a 2009 calendar that I could 'excel' my my own version. I then checked and re-cheked my version to make sure the days and the dates line up with the months of the upcoming year.

It was 1 week past the New Year's Day and I then suddenly realised, the calendar!! I mounted it on the wall and basked in the glory of my home-madedness abilities.

Today, I wanted to write something on my calendar and shock-horror, what do I find? The dates for January are all askew! Shiz. At least Feb's dates all look good .... so far.
I guess all you can do is laugh!

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