Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Forced to Party

Why is there so much pressure around what we do to celebrate the New Year coming in? Sometimes I feel compelled to party for the sake of it when really, it's just like any other Friday or Saturday night. You either have plans or you don't and you shouldn't panic if you don't.

The options you have in Sydney are quite limited. It's a choice of;
a) Fireworks
b) Attend the Opera at the Opera House and come out in time to see the Fireworks
c) Fireworks
d) Pay top $$ to get in somewhere where the music is so loud and doesn't include drinks
e) Fireworks with a picnic
f) Fireworks with a house party.
g) Going to sleep, I'm at Field Day tomorrow.

I dread being in Sydney every year ... what will you do for NYE? ... Fireworks. How much money do they spend on this? Its all taxpayer money. I don't want fireworks I want something different! I started a trend and not many people know about it. I stay at home!! I have the house to myself, I watch movies and call/receive calls/sms's. I know a few others who also do this, enjoy the evening at home with their families.

Last year I was in Vienna. They put on a show! They know what to do. The city caters for everyone in precincts. Different activities for different people. There were open air squares for waltzing, squares with retro music and squares with current top 30 hits. There were food stalls dotted all over the city complimented by beer and wine stalls. Huge chandeliers where hung up over the walkways or huge lit orbs or other lit up objects. There were also fireworks and firecrackers. Everyone is happy and enjoying themselves.

Transport runs all night efficiently and at 3am its all over red rover and the massive clean up begins. If all this can happen in a snow covered city we can make things much better here! No more sore necks from staring at the sky, no more waayyyy overcrowded trains at 12:20am, no doing nothing for hours on end relying on the radio someone brought along 100m away.

I guess it could be worse, we could be in NYC watching 1 random disco ball fall 20m and hope to be kissed by who ever is standing behind us.

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