Saturday, December 20, 2008

Writing as therapy or to prevent anxiety?

I don't know why I keep having a need to write and document. I see one thing, a few thoughts then tumble out of my mind and then inevitbly a thought about compling a book or starting a new blog comes to mind.

For a number of years, if I have heard some good advice or read something interesting ... I HAVE to write it down. It seems that the world will collapse if I have not taken note of that advice and written it down. (Ok well that was a slight exaggeration!)

So .. I put my case forward.

1. Went to my friends Xmas party at her house. Instead of a normal Xmas tree, there was an interesting display or dried and faux sticks and twigs with all the ornaments hanging down. I thought it was a great idea and then immediately thought, someone (namley I) should come up with a coffee table book about the alternatives to the traditional Christmas Tree.

2. I'm going through yet another phase of reading as much of HBR (Harvard Business Review) Magazine. There is so much gold in there, i want to write down some of the great ideas and phrases that motivate me. Part of me is saying, yes, write it all down but then the other part is ... why? There is so much info there, are you really going to re-read all this?

3. I love ads and ever since my lecturer in uni made us watch and analyse ad after ad, I like to comment and remark on them. I was now thinking ... maybe i should start a new blog on what i like and dont like about ads. Yes, there are hudreds of them but there are key ones that move me, make me happy, outrage me etc. These are the ones I want to comment on.

4. I also love Sydney. I want to start another blog about what I like, don't like, what is 'So Sydney' etc.

Oh geez ... I need help!!

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