Friday, December 12, 2008

Contrasting Feelings

It's over. The Howard Years shown on ABC 1.

I forgot what tumultuous times Howard made out lives. Yes we were prosperous, having lots of money, the Stock market going strong, more focus on the long term I.E. superannuation and moves to make housing affordable (even though I blame him for making them high in the first place).
To a certain extent, I used to feel ashamed being Australian. I didn't want people overseas to know where I was from, I felt pain for those held and still being held in detention centres. The errors made, the cover-ups, the power walking and continual shots of him power walking.

I was living overseas with the Kevin 07 campaign. I was so happy to know that Kevin won and that we would be entering a new era. I feel my sense of patriotism has resumed, stronger than ever. We are great allies of China, our government is doing and acting. We have started reconciliation in a strong way, we realise the impact we are creating on our environment and a focus has been put on education (good compared to the rest of the world however, it could be so much better). Here's to more and better things!

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