Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ads - Nespresso

I'm a sucker for good marketing and especially when it outrages me and then I realise, hang-on, its done its job to a T!!

(Side note ... I love Sydney when there are great ads all over the bus stands and huge bill boards that make me happy. I will write again next time it happens but its generally the classy watch and perfume ads that do it to me.)

The joy was short lived when I was out and about in Sydney's CBD when I saw huge posters of George Clooney with his face half covered!!! Outrageous and its a crime against my retinas!! The new Nespresso ads put a cup of coffee right over 1/3'rd of his beautiful face, including 1 eye! That coffee better bloody be good!!

This shock and outrage had done its job. Kudos to the designers of the ad. I still like the brand of Nespresso and I still love George.

Ofcourse, if I had it my way, I would have put the coffee cup somewhere else on the page and keep his face looking whole. But, then again, would the ad be staying in my head driving me insane? Doubt it.

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