Friday, June 12, 2009

... No to the Bandwagon!

Yes, it is a bandwagon and I'm not boarding. My sister just bought another APPLE product. She started off with an I-pod, it gave her endless troubles and then got it replaced. She's on her second Mac, the first one was stolen and just bought an i-Touch (I wonder if it will also be one of two?)

Now I am a sucker for advertising and buying things however I am not compelled at all to buy anything APPLE or "i" related. It's just not me. They are too trendy, too 'look at me', too everywhere and too mainstream. I am not mainstream and I am not someone who blindly accepts what society dictates.

If there is too much hype about something, I generally start to block it out, I don't want it and if I can help it, I don't want to be a part of it. I choose NO to being a victim of mass hysteria or publicity and don't want to be a number. That said, I am on Facebook, I have worked in a multi-national and unfortunately, CBA only recognises me as a client and account number.

From self psychoanalysis, I guess my rebellion against the bandwagon came down to my childhood and not fitting in at school. I didn't have light brown/blonde hair, I never had the right sports shoes and my name is funny sounding (yes, Barack and I have something in common!) I don't always suit what is fashionable and I can't afford to buy the latest phone every two months, but you know what? I (slowly) know who I am and what I want. I like being different and knowing what I do and do not like. I cherish my one-off pieces of jewellery, my slight ethnic style and love having a name that not everyone else has.

I have not read nor watched the Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons. Never been to Bali, its not on my "must see" places. I have a blog but I don't publicise it too much. I didn't watch Sex In the City/Underbelly when everyone else watched and I didn't apply for a grad position after finishing uni. I'm taking the road less taken and that is making all the difference! (with apologies to R.Frost "the Road not Taken").


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