Saturday, May 23, 2009

... What would Holt do?

Harold Holt.
Held office as Australia's 17th Prime Minister from January 1966 till December 1967.
Was PM for only 22 months.
Remembered for only 1 thing ... he went for a swim and never came back.

I don't know too much about historical Australian politics, just what was forced upon me in school and that just barely includes the name of our first PM, Sir Edmond Barton and that his term started 1st January, 1901. The only other fact we learnt, ok, the only fact that my memory retained was in regards to Harold Holt and his disappearance.

For some reason I have been thinking about him recently, maybe it's because it just seems so bizarre. It also sounds so very Aussie, he left parliament by going for a very long swim. I guess it sounds better than leaving with his tail between his legs at the loss of an election.

I started to think, what if he came back, albeit 42 years later? What if he came back to take back power as PM? What would he do to help steer our economy back? Which countries would he pursue trade relations with? Would the Liberal party welcome him back with open arms? And would K.Rudd step down without a fight?

I'm sure if he did return there would be lots of book deals brokered, political cartoonists and satirists would be working overtime and the rights to his movie would be sold. Holt would do the whole breakfast tv circuit thing (who wouldn't want to be on Kochie's couch?) He might even be a celebrity judge on Australian Idol or join the Dancing with the Stars troupe.

I'll tell you 1 thing Holt won't do, he won't start a swimming school!

Additional Info: (23/05/2009)

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