Monday, May 18, 2009

... Discover new things!

People like me, love routine. We crave it and feel headless when we don't. I was reading Saturday's SMH Spectrum (16/5/09) and there was an essay about getting out of your comfort zone. It went on to talk about the effects it has on creativity and a more fulfilled life.

After I came back from living in the Czech Republic, I wanted to make sure I did things differently, that I took up opportunities and met more people. As a work in progress ... I'm pretty happy with what I have been doing, I could do more. However, I have set myself up for a wonderful few weeks to look forward to and thought I would share.

  1. Sydney Writers Festival - Seminars and lectures with groups of smart, bookish, political and opinionated people. I'm looking forward to so many of them!
  2. Sydney Theatre Company - The fact that I can get a discount for being under 30 is sweet! Already saw The Removalists, now I have my "20 for $20" tickets to see Elling.
  3. Talk, Eat, Drink - A foodie program put together by Simon Johnson (Mr Purveyor of Quality food). Food 'n' wine and talking with the celebrity chef!
  4. Luminous Festival - The Harbour will be coloured with beautiful lights and I have tickets to the Laughing Guru's workshop.
I can't wait! Bring on more good times Sydney!

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