Friday, May 8, 2009

... No to Colgate.

When you see a good chunk of a shopping aisle in a red hue, you know the product owners want you to see their product. And why wouldn't you? Red is an attractive, eye-catching colour. However, sometimes red can be associated with things more sinister, communism, control and anger. Well, I'm angry about Colgate's control over teeth.

Colgate essentially have a monopoly operating in the toothpaste aisle. They have essentially cornered the market in visibility and in consumption of toothpaste in Australia. There are 39 listed Colgate products on their Australia website. 39!! Why? Shouldn't Colgate Total do everything? Evidently not.

Now, I wouldn't complain if they sold great products. The thing is, I get absolutely no satisfaction from using their toothpaste. No good taste, you need to use lots to get a foam happening and there is no satisfaction after you finish brushing.

As a toothpaste consumer, I measure toothpaste on the following.
  1. It cleans & protects my teeth
  2. Strong minty fresh taste
  3. The duration of that minty freshness
  4. Its foaming capabilities
My no. 1 toothpastes is Macleans Extreme Clean. Really hits the spot every-time. I also happy to say I have converted some people into using Macleans Extreme Clean and realising how un-satisfying Colgate is.

Every time I need to buy a new toothbrush or tube, I will loudly complain, "Whats with all the Colgate? while picking up non-Colgate products.

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