Tuesday, April 21, 2009

... Twitter = Time Waster

I don't know about you, but with so much going on in the world and so much to learn about everything, I don't understand why there is a demand for Twitter. We are faced with an ever growing information overload! Twitter does make voyeurism more accessible but what are we really doing with this information?

I sometimes find that there is not enough time in the day to capture all the knowledge I want. I am constantly trying to keep up-to-date from reading the days bulging newspapers, reading my 5 novels concurrently, going through my emails, facebook and favourite blogs. Add on top of that work/family time/social time/sleeping/eating/showering.

People are flocking like there is no tomorrow to sign up for Twitter. People are going ga-ga over the SMS like update with 140 characters. There are polls and comparisons, who has more followers, how many times did you Tweet today?

Who cares how many people follow Ashton Kutcher. What has he got to say to make my life more interesting? Do people rate their popularity based on how many people follow them? I don't write on this blog to get people to subscribe, I am happy just knowing that I can write and publish my thoughts.

Sure, companies and celebrities can profit from something like this but if I followed my 400 odd Facebook friends + 10 or so celebrities, I would not have time to scratch myself! On a typical day, what can you really expect from someone to Tweet to all their followers? "OMG I just did the washing and accidentally put something red in with the whites?"

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