Sunday, April 19, 2009

... Respect the Flag

Aussies love their flag and all it symbolises. We have it sewn into our backpacks when we travel. We cover our faces with it on Australia day. Some have it tattooed on, others wear the flag as socks/boxers/bikinis and also ugly grandma made jumpers.

I love seeing the (tasteful) patriotic lengths people go to for the love of their country. Hell, even I have tied a flag around my neck and used it as a cape. What annoys me though is when I see flags flying that are frayed and damaged. When the Australian flag is not flying tied up well or is not hoisted properly and you second guess if its at half mast or not.

So many times I have been out and about in this great city and I have seen sorry displays of our flag. Either show it looking great or don't show it at all! There should be no place for faded or torn flags. We have laws protecting the flag from being burnt or defamed, why are we so lax about the state it is in when we fly it?

I have seen flags faded flapping in the breeze from someones car. I have seen torn and frayed flags flying high on top of buildings. I have seen flags wrapped around flagpoles so tightly and all you see flapping is a little bit of blue. For shame!

From travelling throughout the likes of France and Italy, I can say that these 2 countries fly vibrant, new looking flags. They fly them high and proud and I felt really happy to be in a country where the people are proud who they are and what they represent. We do too, its just that if you are a visitor to our beautiful country you should look elsewhere to see our pride and spirit.

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