Wednesday, April 1, 2009

... OH&Shit

I have had an overkill of OH&S practices!

Unsafe OH&S costs the Australian economy a lot, prevention is better than cure ... bla bla bla, it is still boring as shit to sit and listen to how to lift a box correctly or how good housekeeping is everybodys responsibility.

I have had lots of experience in starting new jobs, inducting new people, reading and knowing what are safe Vs unsafe practices. I have also been a fireward in one job that involved hours of training, learning and drills. From a young age, we are taught what to do in this situation and in others.

So why are people insulting my intelligence with making me regurgitate and sign off on all these forms? Why must I sit through 1 hour induction videos "learning" how to sit correctly at a PC, the dangers of RSI. There are only so many times you can listen and read these!

What is the worst thing? Seeing the diagram of the perfect posture, the dotted eye-to-PC line up. The legs sitting together at 90 degree angles, the wrists are supported. It's so stupid, not all companies pay for the extras like wrist supports or the foot wedge. Why cant the company sign off on it to ensure i get one? Why dont they make sure these is soap in the toilet? What about getting rid of the office idiot to stop my blood pressure rising? Buy a toaster that works so I dont have to stick the knife into it to get my piece of toast out?

I dont want to see these videos any more. I will bring in my own previously signed OH&S documents and show the new employer that I know it all, just shut up when I am reaching for something high up standing on my chair with wheels!

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