Monday, May 18, 2009

... Being X-Tall in an Opaque World

Not only are clothes, shoes and underwear sizes all over the place, there is another line of apparel I have discovered! Women's hosiery.

I like to think of myself as an average (maybe even a centremetre below average). So why is it that the 3 sizes (regular, tall and x-tall) in women's hosiery are just so off? I'm not short and stocky nor am I tall and leggy, but I need the X-Tall so I can get into them and not ladder them while pulling them up!

I am sure the stockings/stay-ups/tights industry does really well. Women feel sexier in them and thus like to pay for designer ones with a good sheen. Its trendy to wear them in different patterns and designs, even different colours. However, I can say from experience, many more pairs of these are just thrown out after 1 use because the size was wrong or it laddered just as you put it on.

Speaking of these patterned and colourful tights, with all the marketing and promotion for these, you think I would be used to seeing them on women. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of them but when I actually see a woman wearing blue opaques or black patterned tights, I just think it ruins their outfit.

When I was in Melbourne, I saw so many women looking good in them and I found it more normal. Bring the same concept to Sydney, it's a different story. I guess Melbournian women can get away with this sort of thing, after all it is colder there.

Images: - 19/05/2009

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