Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BS in the media and on the net and in magazines and in advertising and in ...

Some people think we are stupid! We are generally predisposed to read everything and thus we believe everything! Well, there are some things I now know NOT to believe, but as a sucker for marketing and advertising, I think I will fall for it again and again.

BS #1.

There were recently some ads for the SBS series the “First Australians”. Great ads, really made me feel ashamed that this country I live in treated people like that. It was said that this Aboriginal man “Joseph Edwards” (which, duh, wasn’t his real name) was entitled to go to work if he stopped speaking his native language and following traditions. Very effective for me personally and at the same time, BS. I’m not saying this happened, but this particular document was fictitious and proven by the ABC’s Media Watch. The National Archives Office claimed that they have not seen such a document and there is a weaker version issued by the state of New South Wales.

This is a breech of my naivety!

The BS coming from stories within the pages of New Idea and Woman’s Day startles me. How can they legitimately get away with this? Its not grounds for defamation but the lies they fabricate and the playing with peoples emotions should be illegal.

Recently coming to my attention are the stories about Kate Ritchie (from Home & Away fame), blowing a simple photograph out of proportion or her “new and slim” look. How does she do it? Well she said on Nova Breakfast radio one morning, that the ‘journo’ never even spoke to her, the interview was bogus. I admit I am gullible and am now made to feel like a fool!

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