Thursday, November 20, 2008

Everyday Athletes

I love seeing all those fit and wanna be fit people taking to the asphalts and parks around Sydney's CBD at lunchtimes. It's so motivating, I feel more positive and happy watching them pass me by. I want to Hi-5 them as our paths meet while doing the awkward side-step.

I get the same feeling while watching the boot camp leader yelling to their groups to 'give me 50 uppercuts and then run (like an exhausted monkey)'. I just wanted to dump whatever is in my hands and join in. I love my boxing classes and any excuse to punch something ...

Lunchtime team sports are also gaining popularity. All decked out in corporate sweatshirts and jerseys. I saw some volleyball and football games going on today. Geez, it's times like these I wish I was working in the city!

It's such a nice atmosphere and gives Sydney a more relaxed feeling. I just hope people shower after their bout of physical exertion or else it's no more clients for you and your colleagues will keep a 5m distance from you!

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pig_93 said...

i know a lot of offices that dont have showers in them. it would be so nice to be able to go for a quick run and then have a quick shower in my lunch break but i cant do that because i dont want to get sweaty and like you said, stink out my office.