Friday, February 20, 2009

There's a new Bank in Town

Yes, and that bank is the "Talent Bank". A by-product (I am assuming) of the economic crunch that we are faced with. A human resource manager and recruiters dream and something to keep them busy in these recruitment freeze days.

Talent Banking is a new kind of recruitment being undertaken by some of the bigger companies that usually experience a higher turnover of their staff. Its a great idea if you are on the other side of finding a job. The premise is that they scout and sieve from the larger pool of the unemployed and find some back ups for when their employees resign.

Having been on the other side of it, I was unawares of it when it first reared its head to me. Phone interview went well and then bah-pow. Now as I am scouting or seeing some other job ads, I am seeing the phrase popping up here and there. I'm also staying clear of these.

High turnover job = Stress OR annoying boss OR repetitive work ... So I think I will bank elsewhere.

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