Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Drive!

I'm quite patient these days, except when it comes to driving. I'm frustrated at how slow people are, how people just cannot keep to their lane & how everyone seems to always be on their phone while driving.

At times and over the years, I wanted to take things into my own hands.  One way I was thinking about taking things into my own hands was to have a collection of some signs/placards that I could flash up as I'm driving past. 

Some of the most needed signs I need are as follows:

1. Stay In Your Lane (Yes you in the Barina.  It's so small as it is, I don't know why its so hard for you)
2. Put Your Headlights On (Doing a public service, not really helping you)
3. Get Off the Phone (I don't really care what he/she said last night, you're going to kill someone)
4. Just Drive! (Stop being so conservative and hit the accelerator, it says 80!)

So if you see a sign being waved towards you on Sydney roads, chances are, it's probably me. So get on with it and just drive normally!

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