Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Drinking while Pregnant

The title of this article ... "I can't serve you.  You're pregnant" struck a chord with me.  A real conflict of values question... As a pregnant woman, can you be served alcohol?
If I was serving in a pub/restaurant, what is my duty in accordance with my RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)?  If I'm hosting a party, what is my responsibility to intervene if a woman is pregnant and requests a wine or spirit?

Is it straight forward as being black and white? No alcohol while you are pregnant?  What if its the odd drink for a celebration? Is an expectant mother free to drink as she chooses? It's a question of Freedom to act Vs Whats best for the baby (who doesn't have a say).

I can't really comment on the recent research or the current stance of various health departments, I haven't researched it. I know women are entitled to consume as they wish. They can even smoke while pregnant. (I guess the same question could be asked, as a pregnant woman, can you be served cigarettes?)

It's a bit of a conundrum ...

In a licensed establishment, I would probably refuse service. (I would also want to see what the premises policy is on serving pregnant women).  I know I may unknowingly serve a pregnant woman alcohol, but if i can see it, I probably won't serve her.  As to giving a friend a drink if she were pregnant? I would say something? Probably, but I would ultimately serve her. 

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