Sunday, October 11, 2009

Recycled Fridge Magnets

Like most households, we get at least 5 magnets in the mail from plumbers, tradies and real estate agents. Quite hideous in design and layout and quite useless because we have our own regular guys.
We generally keep them on the back of the fridge but once in a while, we just want to chuck them all out.

Well.  I came across a really cool craft idea to recycle magnets and milk cartons!  So today mum and I had a bonza day of making a whole bunch of these magents.

I don't have the instructions to follow, but the jist is that we traced a milk carton template and then stuck on Japanese square washi paper on to it.  We then added a thin strip to make the collar and then super glued a recycled magnet on the back and voila!